Sunday, June 21, 2009

Getting Mirage ready for pictures! Happy Father's Day

I had made up my mind, several days ago, that I was going to advertise the Mirage today. I wanted it to be available for anyone who wanted to camp for 4th. July.

MaeMae and I drove down and picked up Jay. Ray was not working today, as he was spending some time with his and Shay's son, and then with Shay's father.

We turned the roof AC on in the Mirage, remounted the cabinet doors with different type of hinges, and put the door knobs on. That worked a lot better. This how the cabinet that we made works: you open the right side door, then lift up part of the counter, pull the drape all around you, and you have access to the pottie. The left side door houses the plastic chest of drawers.

There is a lot of space inside this little 17 ft. motorhome, but no room for a shower. This was the best way I could figure out for a private pottie area.

It sleeps four, two in the overhead bed, and two on the dinette. So the
area in front of the back door is quite wide between the kitchen cabinet and the cabinet we built, on the other side. Next to the kitchen counter is the pantry, with the fridge under it. We installed the table that we had made, and did a few more odds and ends to it.

The sun was shining too brightly when I took the pictures today.

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