Sunday, June 28, 2009

More on Mirage. Rain in Forecast!

It was going to be another stinkin' hot day. Bobcat didn't stay on the porch for long when I open up the house early this morning. Then it got that sticky feeling, so I closed it all back up and turned on the AC. The forecast is that we might have rain all next week. Bring it on!

Jay was all set to put the old, cleaned AC back in the Coronado, but with the Mirage auction ending tonight, I knew that we had to concentrate on it. It might not get bid up to my reserve, so then I will do a better ad, and relist it. I had paid for the 24 photo package, and loaded the first 14 on the listing. Then someone bid on it, and I couldn't add the other 10. New rules from when I advertised vehicles before.

Ray wasn't going to be here today as it is his birthdate, so Jay and I turned on the AC in the Mirage and got a few more jobs done to it. We got the table pedestal finished, added some trim to the new cabinet, and above the back door. I am making drapes for the front top windows, I think it will look better. I am still waiting for some drain parts to come in at the RV store, so we are still not through with it. We still have to replace that top window that cracked, so I had already moved the TranStar out of the RVport, and put the Mirage in there, for the shade. Now, I hope that it will be to protect it from the rain!

I had some hamburger, and I don't really like hamburgers, so now, it is a "meatloaf" day.

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