Monday, June 8, 2009

Coronado Floor and Locks.

It is getting hotter, but the cats were on the screen porch, and MaeMae was in her "work bed", until noon. By then it is getting too hot to work outside, summer is here. Darn it !!

MaeMae and I rushed down there to get Jay, who said he was ready, said he needed a cup of coffee, was out of creamer, but we still had to wait half an hour on him. When will I learn? I still had jobs to do here at the house, and I should have known that he wouldn't ready. I had some things to pack up that had been sold, do the litter boxes, and get my trash out.

We did get the floor framework bolted to the center U-frame with carriage bolts, and screwed to the two outside frames, which are not boltable. Wherever there is a wall for the kitchen or for the frame of the built-in bed at the back, we used wider boards. Then I got it insulated, and Jay cut the plywood for that part of the bedroom.

I only have two power drills left, that work, and we were using both of them, the cordless ones aren't strong enough to drill through the frame, and so Ray was held up with what he needed to do. So he cleaned up the Architect table so that I can list it, and worked on the Coronado locks. Both door locks needed to be taken apart, cleaned, oiled, have all those years of old paint and dirt scraped off them, and then painted. I doubt if they had any maintenance for 62 years. That took all morning.

Here are your energy saving ideas for today!

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