Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mirage Decision. Locks and Catches.

I let Bobcat and the two foster cats out on the screen porch early this morning. I was drinking my coffee and tending to mail when Jay called. It was about 6.10 AM. He was down the street, and said he wanted to start work early!! He arrived about 10 minutes later and plopped himself on my couch. I could tell, even when he called, that he was in bad shape. I told him to stay out from under my feet, and let me continue with my morning routine, which he did, mostly. I brought the cats back in for their breakfasts, and closed up the doors and windows, and turned on the AC!!
Saturday mornings is my deep cleaning of the litter boxes time. Just as I had that done, another neighbor, who lives down by the lake, wanted a ride to the store around the corner, and to pick up some tools at her Dad's place, near me. I wasn't going to leave Jay here by himself, so I made him go too. Got her all sorted out, and then came home to continue what I was doing; paying bills online, and ordering a vintage baggage door lock for the 47 Coronado, as I don't have a key for the old one.

Ray came over and we decided as the Mirage was in the shade, we might as well tackle that door lock again. It took a while, and with two pairs of hands, several tools, we finally got it working right, so now I can lock it up. Isn't that the ugliest door lock you ever saw? I am trying to figure out a way to make a cover for it. Then we re-mounted the cabinet doors that we had made, but they really need something to hold them in closed. I wanted some Bulldog Catches, but I couldn't find any, except online.

I had bought the Mirage to go to Kerrville to the RV-Dream's Chat
Room Gathering, but with the repairs to the front end, brakes, and transmission, it wasn't ready in time. Now that summer is here, I realize that I really need a generator. I love the floor plan, and it is so cute, and cheap to drive, but there is no way I could transport
critters in it, as I couldn't leave them if I had to run into a store, in
this heat. So I am going to concentrate on getting it ready to sell. The perfect RV for me still hasn't shown up, yet, but I still have my old faithful TranStar.

All morning while Ray and I were working, Jay slept on my couch,
and ate out of my fridge. But after lunch, even though I hate to go anywhere in the afternoons, I thought that I had better get some roller cabinet catches that were on True Value's site, before the new doors warped on us. Jay and I went into town, but our True Value didn't have the same ones in stock, so I got another kind. While I was looking at stuff on their clearance rack, low and behold, there was a lock just like the one I had ordered this morning. I took Jay home, and cancelled the order for the lock.

Another hot, but good day!

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