Monday, June 1, 2009

Claudia's Stent. Post Office, and that's about it!

Another day when Bobcat could stay on the screen porch till early afternoon. But then I had to close up the house and turn on the AC.

I had some aloe plants to ship at the Post Office today, and when Jay called to say he wanted to work, I told him that. He wanted to go with me into town. MaeMae and I went and picked him up. He had cleaned up his house, yard, and had sobered up. Remorseful, as usual.

I found out why he wanted to go with me, he wanted me to front him some money. Said he would trim my hedge for $5. Then he had me stop at Shipleys Donuts, bought donut holes and custard filled 'long johns', I think they are called, before he bought milk. So he didn't have

enough money for a loaf of bread.
Not my problem. He just cannot manage money. That is because Claudia, his Mom, has always taken care of him. She has been his enabler all these years, so he never had to face up to responsibility. Parents think that they are doing a good thing when they provide everything for their kids, but then they can't stand on their own two feet, even at his age, a 50 year old grandfather!!
Claudia was admitted to the hospital today. They couldn't do her liver stent as an outpatient, so she is getting MRIs and such, and they will do it tomorrow.

I never did get my hedge trimmed today.

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