Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Baggage Door Rebuilt.

It had rained a little in the night, but not enough to get rid of the humidity in the air. As it was cooler, I left the patio door open going out onto the screen porch, but none of the cats wanted to go out there. So I closed everything up at 8.30 AM, and turned the AC back on.

Jay called, he wasn't working today. He had "collywobbles" and I wasn't surprised. He had brought some frozen hamburger patties from his house, and cooked them on my electric BBQ on the screen porch. He had opened the package before, and put it on his counter top to thaw, then re-frozen it. BIG No, No. Not just the re-freezing, but the thawing on the counter, instead of the microwave or fridge. Then he used the same tongs for putting the raw patties on and taking the cooked ones off the grill. He refused to use my food thermometer to check them. I didn't want his hamburgers, so I heated up some of my pre-made meatloaf, to 165 deg. So I was spared the Collywobbles.

It was only in the low 80's this morning and overcast, so it seemed that it would be a good morning to work outside. Wrong! I went out to the Coronado and got on my hands and knees to put insulation down on the floor. I did the front part, but the humidity was just too much. Ray arrived just as I was giving up that idea.

We went out to the Mirage, to see how we could fasten up the drapes. I haven't completed them as I really needed to know how we were going to hang them. I knew Velco, even the good kind, probably wouldn't stick to the carpet lined fiberglass, and I hadn't wanted to nut and bolt drapery rods on it, going through to the outside. Still figurin' on that one!
No decision was made, so we went onto the porch and took down one more sheet of the vinyl that we had installed for the winter. This was on the other end of the porch, so I was hoping it would allow more breeze. I was trying not to take it all down, as we have to move too many shelves of plants to do that.

It was too humid to be in the workshop, so Ray and I used a little work table in my living room, and insulated the Coronado baggage door. The only board insulation I had, that thick, was the Perlite little beads kind, and so it got all over the carpet as we were cutting it. It took a while to get the lock in it's block of wood, where everything would work just right. Then we put both halves back together and crimped it in place. My new Hoover Nano-lite sucked up all the little foam beads off the carpet like a champ.

Just a very humid, but cooler day.

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