Thursday, June 25, 2009

Too Hot To Do Much.

The only time it was nice outside, was early this morning.
Still NO rain, and we are having to water everything.

Ray had to go fix a water leak elsewhere, and Jay and I did some more clean up on the Coronado living room floor.
MaeMae was out there for a while in her 'work-bed', with her own fan. But I made her stay indoors after a while, she didn't like that, she wants to be in the big middle of everything!
We got some of the floor joists screwed in, but it got too hot.

After lunch, as I am getting tired of Jay eating my groceries, I took him to the Food Stamp Office. As we pulled into their parking lot, we saw a very strange sight. The pavement was damp. It had rained a few drops there. It has been lack of transportation that has stopped Jay from getting Food Stamps again. Nobody wants to take him, and wait for him while he is in line for ages. Now, as he gets a disability check, it doesn't take long. He should be eating his own groceries next week, when his Lone Star Card gets here in the mail!! As long as his mother was at home she would feed him, but she won't be back from her liver transplant for at least another two weeks.

The news is full of the amount of power that everyone is using in this area. The AC compressors hardly shut off. I sure hope the power company doesn't run out of electricity, as my generator is down right now! The Mirage doesn't have one, but the trusty old TranStar's genny has powered my house, plus the two neighbor's fridges and TV's, in previous outages. The fuel pump is out on it, and the man hasn't come to fix it yet. My genny was exercised every month, just like it should be, until that happened, so now it will probably need a carb rebuild, too. I wish he would hurry up and get here. It is a very scary to know that you can't make your own electricity if need be. I have never been in that situation before.

Difficult to believe that, again, it is Thursday.

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