Friday, February 29, 2008

Just More Carpentry, and Sanding.

Another warm morning so we set up outside again. Ray sanding on the front table, and Jay and me working on the back one. The cats were already on the screen porch in the front of the house watching the world go by.

Ray discovered that one of the cabinet doors out of the Little Van was coming unglued, so we had to glue that up, and put it in pipe clamps overnight. See above.

Jay and I worked on the entertainment center for the White Class B. You can see the compound angles we had to make on the "wing" pieces going to the front, as that wall is sloped. At least, this way we weren't building over the window, and it will be a place for the drapes, when they are open, without covering up much window. See left.

One decision that had to be made, which TV are we going to put in there ? We had the choice of either installing an 110v. 20" LCD flat screen TV & DVD, or a 13" 110v./12v. TV/VCR. Both color, with remotes, of course. The flat screen TV mount is metal, and very heavy, and you can't just stick it anywhere, as it has to be bolted on to something solid. The fiberglass roof on the Class B, didn't really give us much option.

We measured, decided, and made the space for the 13" TV. It will fit up there out of the way, and there is plenty of room in that cabinet for the depth of it. The Class B has a solar panel and regulator on it, and so the 12v. part of the TV/VCR would be powered by the batteries, and then the batteries would be charged by the solar panel. If we put the 110v. LCD TV in there, and I couldn't really see how it could be mounted securely, then we would have to install an inverter, so that it could be run off the batteries. I have already applied for my 2 coupons from the Feds, for the new boxes that will be required when TV goes digital, for the RVs. I don't need the coupons for the house, as I am on cable.

We installed the oak panels on each side, and framed up for the TV and the cabinet doors. As the couch/bed is on the driver's side, the TV needed to be on the passenger side. It will be a great storage space for blankets, sheets, pillows, or other light weight stuff. The little triangles on each side, under the side windows, will be good for putting little stuff that needs easy access.

The auto parts for the Little Van came in, so a quick run into town, and get them dropped off to Jim, the mechanic. Then Jim called and said they sent the wrong door switches. Isn't that always the way ?

So that was another productive day.

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Steve & Maria Borba said...

Penny, I sure wish I was close to where you live....Maria and I want to do this same thing with our Class C. We have an cab over bunk and we want to turn it into an Ent. Ctr. I'm trying to find someone around here to do it.