Thursday, February 14, 2008

Merry Miler, and a Sad Valentine's Day for this Family

I knew Jay wasn't going to be here today, but I still got everything done, and everybody fed, and ready to start work by 8.00 am.

Here are the drapery clips drying.

Here is the toilet cover..............................

I went to the back door of the Merry Miler and measured how long the toilet cover had to be, and was going to start sewing on that. The kittens had a better idea ! While they were playing in the house this morning, they ran off with my tomato shaped pin cushion. I looked everywhere, under everywhere, until I finally found it, and could start sewing. Kids !! I got the toilet cover, and the rest of the drapes, done, but didn't hang the drapes yet.

These rear toilet vans, come with toilet covers, why does everyone lose them ? There is a accordian door, or curtain that closes off the bathroom, but one needs to have that open to use the rear view mirrow, so hence the toilet cover. I got the door drapes done, too, now waiting for the clips. I made the door drapes so that they could be slid and gathered on the rod, but they take up much more of the window that way, and those are the windows one uses to see out when driving. Getting the tie-backs re-installed after being washed, and the old no-longer-sticking-Velcro replaced with the snappers, will help. The tie backs are so thick, they are made out of the upholstery material, that the snappers that I bought yesterday won't work.

Ray came over to do more to the lousy caulking job the PO had done to the Class C. It had been daubed up with silicone, a NO NO for Rv's. Self-leveling RV or Marine caulk is what should be used. (Sikaflex, Dicor, etc.) Of course, the silicone had made a path for a leak, so Ray got that fixed. I swear I don't want an RV that doesn't have a fiberglass cap over the roof and edges. While he was here he put one more coat of paint on the clips for the drapes.

I took a lot of pictures of the Merry Miler, and uploaded 21 of them onto the eBay listing, and messed about re-arranging them. 24 pictures is $2.00. I was starting to panic, as I couldn't take all the photos before the eBay listing starts tonight, as everything wasn't done. Also, I had such bad experiences with folks bidding on the Class C, and not paying, that I suddenly decided to reschedule the listing for 2 weeks away, and advertise the Merry Miler free on Craigslist.

Folks will come to look at an RV, and they either will want it, or they won't. No bidding, and no mucking about. You know that they are probably going to offer you less, and you have to come down in your price, but that's it. It is a nice rig, and in lovely condition, so it should sell quickly. Then I made an album of the best pictures I have of it, so that I can send them to people who want more pictures, as you can only have 4 on Craigslist. EBay has so many charges, and Final Value Fees, and then if they pay with PayPal, they take a cut too. So I hope Craigslist will do it, and I will cancel my eBay listing. I have already had an answer to my ad, but I don't want to take payments.

Then I saved a lot of pictures in my AOL Picture Storage, as don't keep many of them in my puter. I can always get them back in here if I need to, or email them from AOL's Storage. Also if my machine crashes, I won't lose them. I learned that the hard way !

Time to put all the foster babies to bed, and give them their hugs and treats.

I tried to keep busy today, Valentine's Day, so that I wouldn't have time to remember that this is the 2nd. anniversary of my granddaughter's death from being hit by a DDD (dam drunk driver).

So this is a sad day.

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