Thursday, February 7, 2008

White B, Wagon, 2 Boarders and a Surprise !

The Second Chance Offer on the Class C was turned down by the guy. Why would he come all the way from CA to TX to get a MH ? He was just an aggravator. He had done it before.

Jay was going to be 15 minutes late as he had to get his mother off to Coushatta with Leo, her neighbor. I called May, and told her. Jay's mother took a while to be ready to go, another 15 minutes. Leo had already brought his dog, Muffie, here to be boarded at 7.00 am, and I picked up Jay's mother's dog, MaeMae, (who used to be my late DH's dog), and then we had to wait for May. She still wasn't ready, and was in a grumpy mood.

After coffee perked everybody up a bit, May polyed the ledge in the Class C, and another coat of hammered black paint on the wagon. It should be ready to re-assemble now. I was going to paper the dirty inside of the top drawer out of the kitchen in the White B, but decided to paint it. The shelves in the cabinets were grubby looking, too. So May primed and painted all that in nice clean ivory color. She raked the back yard, too, as I haven't had time. It gets raked often because of doggie leavings. It is kept clean.

Jay and I put the new hose on the inside of the washing machine in the guest house, and leveled it while we were at it. I also got him to redo the connections on the back yard sprinkler system, as they were all leaking. I was supposed to be grooming Muffie, but I knew work was at a halt until the wallpaper was up in the top of the White B where the entertainment center is going. So Jay and I got the front part of the two sides of it papered. Enough to start on the cabinet.

May's friend drove up while we were doing that, and May wanted to leave, and get $20 from me. Golly, that got me upset. Not her leaving, that was fine....but she knows that I don't keep money here, and I am not going to make a special trip into town to get any, that is not the deal.
She and Jay both have bills they have to pay, and don't. The whole idea is to get their bills paid by me, not buy beer. I got so sick and tired of folks (drunks) bothering me when I am working on the computer in the afternoons, and asking for money. So I just don't keep any here, and told them all to leave me alone in the afternoons. If they want some of their pay in cash, let me know at least a day ahead of time, BEFORE I go into town. I knew that she wanted it to get beer, and that chaps me.

I pay Jay's bills on line, so I don't have to fool with driving into town. He asks for maybe $5 every other day, so that he has something in his pocket, and I buy his tobacco when we go into Conroe, and take it off his balance. He cannot be trusted with money, and he knows it. I know he gets on his bicycle and goes and buys beer, but he knows not to put it in my car when we are out. He has got into so many thousands and thousands of dollars of trouble over his beer drinking.

Anyway, enough of that. We were just quitting on the wallpapering when this dippy fiancee of the late JD drives up, and goes on about a man throwing a pregnant Chihuahua at her, and it has pups that night. She has four little puppies in an ice chest, and doesn't know what to do with them..... well, you know I do. They were weaned but she had been feeding them cat food. I called Kenya, and told her I had them. Jay and I were quickly setting up the puppy pen in the grooming room, took the little wooden bed away from the kittens. (They have other beds.) All the time Kenya and I were discussing the pups, I was looking in the pet food cabinet to see if I had canned puppy food, putting newpaper in the pen, and placing a nice comfy rug in the ex-cat bed. They finally were out of the ice chest, and in more suitable surroundings. I remembered that I had some Purina Puppy Chow, and so I mixed some with Alpo Puppy canned food I found. They chomped down on that. They each weigh just over 2 lb and are 5" tall at the shoulder. "Dingbat" said that they were 4 weeks old, but they have just about all their dentition ! Tomorrow I will have to start them on the three day Strongid-T worming process. So, hard as I try not to, I am fostering dogs again. What a surprise !!

The day started out cold, but we were down to our shirts by lunch time.
I never did get Muffie groomed, as I had quite a day.

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