Thursday, February 28, 2008

White B Entertainment Center, and More Sanding.

Not so chilly today, sweater, but no coat ! Jay and I started on the White Class B entertainment center, and had our tools on the back table, plus mitre saw, and table saw, outside. Ray did his sanding for the Little Van on the front table.

With all that sawdust flying, I set a special table up in the workshop for Ray to polyurethane some oak that was urgent, and is needed first. The door and window power switches for the Little Van should be in at the auto parts store today. I knew Jim would want to install the switches in their oak trim on the front doors where they belong, as soon as possible. Plus we needed some angled boards polyed for the White B. Ray got two coats of poly on those parts today.

Jay and I were coping with double compound angles on some of the framework for the entertainment center. We could not cut the roof back any more than we did, due to cab lights, etc., so that meant that the front of the top side windows would be in the way. Now these windows will have drapes, so we are making an angle at each end of the entertainment center to go forward to the front of those windows, and when the drapes are open they will nestle in that little angle. It was those little angle boards that had to be double compound cut to account for the slope of the walls there. Those boards had to be polyed, too, so that we can continue. Once those are screwed in place we can put the uprights in. In between those two uprights will be the measurement that we have left for the entertainment center.

As you can see one front top window is black and one is not, even though they both look black from the outside. So one decision left to be made is, whether to have one cabinet door a with plexiglas insert, or just make it out of oak. I have some etched glass, but I would be scared to use it up there, for safety reasons. At least there will be light in that cabinet during the day, if one is looking for something. We already have the wiring run up there, 110v and 12v. The 110v outlet is installed, but not the 12v. one. It might get installed in the driver's side angled part, outside the cabinet, for easy access.

The cupholder on the dash is the one we made out of a pattern from the one in the Merry Miler. They are both Fords, so it fit quite nicely.

It doesn't look like we got much done this morning, but we got a difficult part out of the way. Tomorrow we can put those parts already cut, and polyed, in place, and the cabinet will start to take shape.

The puppies are starting to look more like little dogs, and their different personalities are showing. One beige girl is a whiner, and wants what she wants, NOW. She took on the MinPin personality. The little beige boy, the smallest of the litter, is quiet and unassuming, and will be a little sweetheart. The black and tan girl, and the larger boy are just rough and tumble puppies. They all love it when I turn them loose in the grooming room, while I tend to their puppy pen. They just scamper around and tug on stuff with their teeth, which is sometimes my jeans !! They are all very sweet, but I will be glad when Monday afternoon rolls around and they leave here. All that bending down to tend to them, isn't that great on my old back.

A productive day.

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