Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Little Black Wagon, Critters, Skirting.

Here are some of the fixtures and fitting in the Little Van.....

Sandra_ON of RV-Dreams chat asked me about the "Little Red Wagon, that turned Black", that we finished doing an off-frame major overhaul on the 8th. February. Here it is Sandra, it has real tires on it, that have to be aired up. I can't use a wheelbarrow because of picking up the handles with my bad back, but I have towed tons of stuff in my little wagon. It has it's own garage. I used it this morning to haul some blocks.

Just for everyone's info, SPCA foster moms are volunteers. We do not get paid for taking care of the rescued animals. We do it so that abused, unwanted, and neglected critters have another chance to find good loving homes. They are given any, and every, medical attention that they need, and usually the boss at our county's SPCA pays for that, out of donations. Sometimes we have to "love" them out of their trauma of a previous life. Our county does not have a SPCA shelter, so it is all foster moms. They cannot be adopted until they have been vaccinated, and spayed or neutered. That is the main problem, there are not enough good homes for the ones that keep on getting born. Every litter bit hurts !! The Humane Society in our county puts at about 2,000 animals to sleep each month, because of irresponsible pet owners. OK, off soap box. Well almost......

It is a coat and sweater day. The sun is shining, but the wind coming from the north is cold, up here on this hill. Once I picked up May and Jay, we got cracking.

The gray tom cat, "Tom Gray", above, has been hanging around here for a couple of months. He obviously is sick and probably dying of FIV or Feline Leukemia, because no-one gave him his shots. He is too wise to trap, we tried, and will not let anyone near him. He can't fend for himself anymore, so he gets fed here, but we know that his time is coming. Jay and I knew we had to skirt the storeroom, so that he couldn't go hide under there for his final hours. So we got that done this morning. We skirted it with some left over mobile home skirting.

May's morning was spent sanding on more of the many oak parts to the Little Van, that we had taken out. Jim the mechanic picked it up to go through it, as I want to put it on the road on Monday.

May, Jay and I made a quick trip into Conroe to get prescriptions, canned puppy food, and some High Gloss Polyurethane at Walmart.

So that was our day.

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Sandra said...

Thanks Penny, you did a good job on the little red wagon turned black & white!

You do so much good for the poor little animals Penny. You will be rewarded some day!