Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cold At First, But Sunny. More skirting.

I knew when I let Bobcat out on her screen porch, before daylight, that it was cold. I left the patio door open enough that she could get back in, while I did other things. I dressed with several layers, as I knew we would be working outside today. I didn't even let the kittens out on the screen porch until about 10.30.

Pictures are of the skirting on the side of the storeroom, and the power couch/bed in the Little Van.

There was one other place, by the steps, that we had to skirt to stop stray cats from getting under the storeroom and guest house.

Yesterday May wanted all her pay for the last 2 days, instead of waiting till the end of the week. Jay wanted to bet me $15 that she wouldn't show up for work today ! I knew she wouldn't either, so no bet. I phoned her three times this morning, and she didn't pick up, so I just went on to get Jay. I did stop and blow the horn at her house, but no May. So that is that. I had given her one more chance, but I know she just got drunk and couldn't get up for work. She always calls and says that she was sick, the day after she has any money. Gee, I am glad money doesn't make me "sick" ! Ray is going to finish the oak.

Jay and I had to make a hinged section in some lattice to get to the side of the steps that needed skirting. We screwed on a piece of treated plywood, on the side of the steps, as that part isn't seen because of the lattice. I have to get under that set of steps, that are 10' wide, as I keep 10' pipe under there, so removing siding would have been awkward. I can get those three screws out of that plywood any time with my screw gun, but the lattice has to be hinged upwards, for me to get to the side of the steps.

Then Jay and I did a bit in the White Coachmen B, dry fitting some boards for making the entertainment center, so that we can carry on with that project, while Ray gets all the oak ready for the Little Van. We also had to put a new battery vent louver on my old B+.

I stopped by Jim's, the mechanic, after I dropped Jay off, and he had the "dog house" off the engine of the Little Van, and checking all that out. I have to buy some switches and motor for the driver's power window, and other things, as I expected. Jim called later and said he had the parts list, and that the auto parts store wouldn't order some of the things until paid for. So I had to go into town and pay for it all, brought back what was available, and dropped those items off at Jim's so that he can get started in the morning.

Busy all the time, but didn't seem to get much done today.

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