Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pups, Kittens, and Working on Class C Upper bed.

Here are the pups in extended larger pen and larger bed:

Boy, oh boy, when I turn them loose in the grooming room they chase round and around the pen like little race car drivers. But mostly they want attention, and tug on my jeans with their little teeth. They started playing with toys now, and I still think that they are older than "Dingbat" said they were. They are a lot more "live" and healthy, than they were when I got them. De-worming had a lot to do with that. One is already booked for adoption through

It was so great to be able to wear just a T-shirt the last couple of days. Before that, I would start out with a coat and two cardigans (button down the front) over my T-shirt, and I was still cold. It has been in the 40's during the day, but up to 70's now.
I dress in layers that are easily removed, as you never know about TX weather. Mornings would be downright chilly, and then the sun comes out and warm things up.

Today is Adoption Day at Petco, so I will be taking the two kittens. The pups have to wait until two weeks after their first shots to be on public display.

But first, Jay and I have to address a problem that was discovered in the Class C. That tiny hole that Ray discovered up on the side over a window, damaged a little bit of paneling inside that has to be replaced in the cabover bed area. It rained last night, so I will know if it is really fixed.

This morning Jay and I tore out the offending paneling and board insulation that was in the cabover bed, and determined that the reason this had a leak was that the Previous Owners had not followed the Golden RV Rule. Remove all windows and roof vents, and re-install with new BUTYL putty tape every 10-15 years. Folks would have so many less problems if they would stick to that. The old putty tape from when they originally installed the windows was all dried up and old. Water had got in between the walls and damaged the floor to the cabover bed. The PO had caulked around the windows, with silicone, a NoNo, but that was just a temporary fix. You have to do it right, and pull the windows. It is just a bunch of screws on the inside that hold the outside of the window in place. If it is a sliding window, sometimes it needs a new track, and if it is a Hehr window, you can get that at Interstate Metals. We will work on the windows tomorrow, time and weather permitting.

I cranked up my Big B+ as it has a real RV door on the back, and went to Conroe to get some 4'x8' sheets of thin plywood for the bed base. We wanted to put it all back together today. It was time to take the kittens for Adoption Day, so they went with us, too, and I dropped them off at Petco. We went to Home Depot, as we also needed some staples for the pneumatic staple gun, and Lowes doesn't carry the size we need. We got the sheets of luann, and some Fir 2"x4"s. Pine is not usually used as it is heavier, and every little bit counts in an RV. There are other reasons too, like Fir doesn't split like Pine does.

I had sprayed the bed area down with Concrobium Mold Control, before we left, so that there would be no chance of any mold, and it was dry by the time we got back. We screwed in new framework, see picture on left. I insulated a place all the way up in the front, that hadn't had insulation, and replaced the board insulation. Then we measured, cut, and stapled in the base for the bed. See picture in center. As rain is forecast we put the Class C in my RVport until the windows are re-done. Don't want all our new work to get damp.

Then at 5.15 pm it was time to go pick up the kittens at Petco. It was starting to storm, and so it got dark early, but we made it home OK. I don't do dark !

Another busy day.

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