Monday, February 4, 2008

RolyPoly, and Poodles

Thank goodness some Generic Tylenol PM made my back quite a bit better, overnight. May didn't show up for work, so it was just Jay and me.

Well, we anchored the microwave in the Class C, so that it wouldn't come out of it's place. Then I found out that the fridge had never been really cleaned. I scrubbed the gasket that was always sticking , and scrubbed everything, and it is clean now.

Billy brought Mindi's 5 poodles to stay until tomorrow night, and I am trying to groom them. So I will really have to get cracking.

The High Bidder came to pick up the Class C, and his wife didn't even get out of the car. He was a stout little man, and he didn't think that the cabover bed would hold him, and backed out of the deal. Darn, I want that thing gone !

I sent a second chance offer to the next highest bidder, then I looked up his zipcode, and he is in CA !! He has backed out of deals before, as it says so in his feedback. So I don't hold much faith in him. He wrote to me and asked me a bunch of questions that he should have asked BEFORE he bid on it. Then he wants me to drive it to Laredo, which is about 600 miles. Forget that ! The third highest bidder is the guy that came here last Saturday, and I know it is not for him. This is RV searching time for a lot of folks, so maybe it will go on Craigslist. We will move it again, and get it out of the way. It is too tall to go in the RVport, because of that luggage pod.

Jim, the mechanic, set the idle down on the Puddle Jumper, and then took the Merry Miler to check it out. It needs belts and hoses. So I am having that done, as it is my back-up vehicle. I might even advance the listing of it, as it is nearly ready to sell.

So today is going to be a long day, as I need to get back in the grooming room. I got Caesar and Suggy just about ready for their baths, and worked on Jakey some. Tomorrow, Jay will have to help me get them done, if he can. I wasn't going to take a chance on the pack of wolves (poodles), ganging up and hurting the kittens, so as the weather is nice, I let the kitties sleep on the porch. There is a nice two storey cat house out there, and they have plenty of food, water, and a box. They will be leaving on the 14th. to get spayed. I hope that they get good homes.

This has been a whole day, today.

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