Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rainy Day, Tie Backs and Lost kitten.

Jay had to go to Houston today, so I did all the morning stuff, feeding my cat, the kittens, and puppies, and was right on time to start work on other stuff by 8.00 am. With all the work going on with the RV's, and taking care of the puppies, this house had become a wreck, so I straightened it up, some. Then I had to go on phone 'newspaper hunt' again. Not important to anyone, but a crisis for me !!

I went into the workshop, which is attached to the house, and started fastening the two snapper parts to each side of the tie backs, with the fabric in the middle. The third part is the other side of the snapper that screws into the wall. If it quits raining, I will screw the other parts to the sides of the windows, and that job will be 'jobbed'.

When I went to feed everyone their dinner, I couldn't find Boots, the black kitten, with white feet and bib. She usually comes when I call "Boots, Dinner"! I hunted for her for nearly two hours, inside, outside, around one side of the house, and the other, front and back. I thought maybe she had snuck out when Jim brought the car back, but I couldn't see how, as I have two doors, each with vestibules, front and back, going to the outside. This place is treated like a submarine, you don't open one door until you close the one behind you. I thought I had lost an animal, that would be a first, in all these decades, and I was pretty upset. It was raining hard outside, and she wouldn't know where to go for shelter, so I was worried about her being scared.

Minkie, the black kitten was also upset, looking for Boots, so I let her lead me to the workshop. She seemed to think Boots was in one corner of the workshop, so I thought she had been caught behind the rag box, then I heard a faint meow. Now this plywood rag box is 30" x 18" x 24", and has a hinged lid. I emptied it of the rags, and still I couldn't move it by myself, as it has to picked straight up, to get it to clear the side of the steps, going into the house. I got my screw gun and removed the lid, which made it a bit lighter, then I screwed drawer pulls on each side, so that I had something to hold onto, and I finally managed to lever it out of place. Boots wasn't there, but I could still hear her. I got a wooden panel unscrewed behind there, and that little dickens had somehow managed to get under the house, from the workshop.
Gee, we were never so glad to see each other. I put her in the grooming room and fed her dinner. That will teach me not let kittens play in the workshop.

I didn't go to Conroe to pick up the pup's medicine, as Kenya didn't go either. Too rainy.

Boy, what a day !

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