Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tree down, and just piddlin'

One of the other interruptions I got yesterday afternoon was May calling me to say that a tree had fallen on her house, during yesterday afternoon's windy thunderstorm. She asked if I would take my camera down there and take pictures, so I did, until my camera battery died. The dead tree that lost a big limb is out of the picture on the right, and it is behind her house. She had already advised the owner of that property that it was in a dangerous way, but he wouldn't do anything about it. The piece sticking straight up is impaled through her roof. The rest of the big limb is on the ground in front of her house, and parts of it are over her neighbor's fence, but didn't do any damage.

Apart from taking down the window trim, it took the 2" pipe that goes up from her meter can to the wires servicing her house, but she still had electricity. Today, the power company came and cut the wires to her house, so she has to get some parts, a new collar for the meter box, and a new weatherhead, (that is the thing at the top of the 2" pipe), before they will turn it on again. She wanted Jay to help her, but as mean as she has been to him, he doesn't want to do it, and Ray doesn't want to help her either. It doesn't pay to be nasty to folks when you are drunk !!

This morning I was on a "newspaper hunt". Keeping up with these pups is something. I feed them well, but it has to go somewhere. I sure will be glad when I have the shorter puppy pen here, as my midriff is getting more and more bruised from leaning over it to change their newspapers. I called a friend in my subdivision who 'saves trees', like I do, but she was out of newspaper, but she found a neighbor who had some, and I got that. I was glad the lady asked me in, as I didn't want any newspapers from a dirty house. I had worked on that house about three years ago, added a room on to it. She had bought it two years ago, and was happy with it.

Then Jay decided that we needed to pay some on his fine that enables him to get his driver's license re-instated. After a lot of fiddling and trying, it wouldn't work on line, so we had to do it by phone. He had brought his mother's battery charger up here for me to fix, and we eventually got that done. So we didn't even start work until 11.00 am.

We opened the workshop doors and it was teeming down rain. No wallowing around in that to work on RV's and tracking them up. So we got the newly painted cabinets back together, hinges back on the doors, drawer pulls, and plywood tops. We moved some tools around and got the larger one situated in the workshop, and put the smaller one in the storeroom.

I got a bunch of stuff put away that was on one of the work tables, like the big wooden cup holder we made, (waiting to be installed in the White B), an air conditioner, (waiting to be installed in the Hi-Lo), and even sorted some screws, nuts and bolts into their little bins. My late little dog's work bed, his favorite cardboard box, was under the table, and I finally relented, and threw it away. I have kept his pillow and blankies to use for other foster critters. I miss him so.
I wish I could take good indoor pictures, they always come out too light, I might have to get out the big book of 'destructions' to my camera. The pups have grown.

Time to feed everybody again, so that is another day.

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