Friday, February 15, 2008

15th is Bastille Day (Revolution Day)

See the kittens watching the puppies ........

Today, the 15th., is the day all the critters get their monthly dose of Revolution on their necks. It stops them from having heartworms, fleas, mange and earmites, so it is important. We buy the big vials of it, put it in a baby food jar. Then we draw up the required dose for each animal in an insulin syringe (with no needle), it is a lot cheaper that way. If they already have earmites, then they get a dose of Ivermec in their ears on the 1st of the month, it helps get rid of them quicker. Jay called and said he was going to be half an hour late, so I got all that done before I picked him up.

We went the RV store south of Conroe, found out where to get a new ballast for the florescent light that doesn't work, and got the parts that I needed for the Merry Miler. Then went to the Humane Society, which is also south of Conroe. On to Lowes to get more parts. Came back and worked on a few small unimportant projects, like cleaning the staples out of some boards that we were going to store, while I waited for someone to come to look at an item I had for sale.

I had to take a stray cat to the Humane Society. They scanned her to see if she had been micro-chipped, but she hadn't. I hated to do it, but as sweet as she is, she will probably be on display in their big main lobby with the other adoptees, after she has been spayed. If not, it is better that she isn't running around loose, hungry, homeless, getting Feline Leukemia, FIV, Rabies, or contributing to the 400,000 cats that are the progeny of one cat. We have so many wild ones here, that we trap them, and they go to the Humane Society, as they can't be tamed. They can give the domesticated cats all sorts of diseases. That is why it is better to keep your cats indoors. This one was very loving, and probably hadn't been a stray for long, so she needed a chance to find a home. She will have a lot more chance of getting adopted quickly there, as they have a much larger organization. We can place kittens, but our foster moms have so many adult cats that need homes already, we just don't have room to squeeze in one more. Too many get born ! EVERY LITTER BIT HURTS !

The Pups have already outgrown their bed, so I put a larger one in there for them. This shorter puppy pen will go longer, but I don't have much room in my grooming room to extend it. I hope that one of the "Puppy Foster Moms" has room for them soon.

So that was my 'exciting' day.

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