Wednesday, February 13, 2008

RV Kitchen Lights, Passe Partout, Got Blackie

Bobcat wanted out on her screen porch to watch the sun come up. I told her it was chilly, but she wanted to go out there anyway. She didn't stay out there long !

This is a picture of Blackie....................

I picked up Jay, and we started on the Merry Miler. Trying to get it ready for the pictures. There is a florescent light over the sink that is not working, and I had already bought a new 12 v. bulb for it, but that didn't fix it. So as we wanted the light fixtures to be the same, and there was another light on the other side of the kitchen, we installed 2 matching lights, but a different style. The other one that we took down, we put in the TranStar kitchen, and when we can get the one that doesn't work, working, it will be just the right size for the White Class B kitchen. Robbing Peter to pay Paul !!

While Jay was removing and installing lights, I was hemming the kitchen drapes for the Merry Miler. They are pleated and will have to go on cafe clip type drapery hooks, because of the shape of the rods. I pressed the drapes, so that the hems lie flat, and Jay dug around in the drapery parts box in my attic. We finally found enough cafe clips to do the rest of the drapes for the two side doors, but they were different colors. We clipped them onto a paint roller grid that normally hangs on the inside of a 5-gallon bucket of paint. ( we use it a lot for painting drawer knobs, etc) Jay sprayed them all with ivory paint.

Bobcat could see the sunshine coming through the living room patio door going to her porch, ( my front door is in the hall) and wanted to go out there. Still windy and too chilly.

We were to meet Kenya at the vet at Conroe, to pick up Blackie for Shay, and the shorter puppy pen for me. We left here early as we didn't want to keep Blackie in the car while we were shopping. We went straight to Hobby Lobby, to get the screw-on type snappers for the Merry Miler drapery tie backs, and to find brown "passe partout", but no-one knew what that was. All I really needed was some brown sticky tape, to go around the edges of the "sight glass" we put in the panel that hides the vertical water tank at the back. Gave up on that, probably have to use black.

We still had some time before we were to meet Kenya, so we went to three thrift shops, and I bought some burgundy work pants, a blue work top, and some lovely deep blue lined drapes, and matching valence still installed on a board. Jay got a nice warm shirt, some Aztek design pillow cases, and a belt. While we were cutting through a neighborhood some contractors we know were putting a bunch of torn up sheet rock, and kitchen cabinet parts into the back of their truck. They gave us some used cabinet doors and drawers, that they were just going to throw away. Now I know why I drive a station wagon or SUV, I am always hauling stuff !

Kenya got out of the vet earlier than she expected, so she called me and we met at Sonic. She was taking my old foster Llasa, Rambo, to a new adoptive mom, so I got to see him. We got Blackie, and the puppy pen, and headed home. Kenya had forgotten to bring the puppy food, so we stopped at PetsMart, and who should be there, but Blackie's former person, Shay's Dad.

As I got on the road that leads to my house, Blackie knew where she was, and couldn't wait to get out of the carrier. When I pulled in the driveway, Shay was watching out of her door waiting to see Blackie, who was so happy to be back in her old territory. They are together, again.

I found out that Jay did go fix May's meter can yesterday, and the power company did turn her lights back on.

I quickly got the pups transferred into the shorter puppy pen, and fed them, the cats, and me.

So that is another day !

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