Thursday, February 21, 2008

More Rain On & Off, Then a Nice Sunny Day

I picked Jay up, and we started on several little jobs. First was to get the workshop back in order. We vacuumed the area where the rag box goes, and Jay got on his knees and screwed the siding back on, that I had unscrewed, to get the kitten out from under the house. We got the rag box back in place, and filled it up with the clean rags. There was one little crack that we filled with some course steel wool, just in case any 'l'il meeces' decided to try to get in. He cut a treated board to stop the kittens from getting under the house again, under the steps, and screwed that in place. He also got the cable hatch back on the Merry Miler with new Butyl tape.

Shay worked for a short while. She cleaned the shower and stove in the Merry Miler, though it wasn't dirty, just dusty. She cleaned the top of the rag box, and she was going to paint it, but it started raining.
Ray started to do some more caulking to the Class C, and it started raining !
Jay and I were working on the tie backs on the side doors of the Merry Miler, but it started raining !
But we did get some done, see above. The kitchen drapes are up, but need longer tie-backs. Back to the sewing machine for me.

I was supposed to meet Kenya at 2.00pm to get the different worm medicine for the pups, and so we gave up on trying to work, with it raining every time we started to do something, and just went into Conroe.

We went to a couple of thrift shops, but I didn't see anything I couldn't live without. I am always keeping my eye out for nautical items, as that is going to be the theme in the White Class B. I have already found white sheets with sailing ships, anchors, and lighthouses on them, and white drapes for the upper windows with lighthouses and anchors on them. The White Class B was all done in burgundy velvet, and it was oppressive. As a lot of the drapes had sunrotted, I have to replace them anyway, but I am trying to lighten the rig up a bit with some navy blue and white. We will be installing solar film on the windows, so that the new drapes won't rot.

Finally got to WalMart, and got more cans of kitty, puppy food, and other things there, met Kenya at Petco nearby, and scurried back home with the medicine.

Now I have to make sure that each pup get it's own dose of this powdered medicine, Panacur.
I thought that would be a breeze ! I made up four little dishes of a little bit of canned food, and mixed each dose up with the food. I put the doors on my 4 kennel cages, like the ones the vets have, and locked a pup and dish in each cage. Oh, No ! They weren't having any of that. None of them wanted to be in there alone, and eat this food that tasted a bit strange !! I had to hand feed it to each of them, and then put them back in the puppy pen, so I would know who had had it, and who hadn't. I have two more days of this...

So that was my rainy day.

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