Monday, February 18, 2008

Class C Again, and Merry Miler

I got up early and tended to the critters. Bobcat wanted to go out on the porch to watch the sun come up, before she had her breakfast, even though it was about 40 deg.

Today started out cold, with sweaters and coats, but it warmed up to a sunny 70 deg. day.
I picked up Jay, and asked Ray if he wanted to work and put Dicor caulk on the new clearance lights that we installed yesterday on the Class C. He was available, so that helped. The lights had been done with Butyl putty tape, but the thin bead of caulk always looks better, and it gives more protection. I decided Ray should do the back ones while we were at it. They look so much better.

Yesterday, a gentleman, formerly from England, said that he definitely wanted to buy the Merry Miler, sight unseen, and would pick it up on Saturday morning. So we had to get our skates on to get it ready, as there are a couple of mornings that we can't work this week, due to other appointments. Jay put another coat of paint on the drapery clips. We installed a couple more drapes, but we still can't find the right snaps for the 16 tie backs. I might still have to sew new Velcro on each one. We installed the new battery vent louver, carpeted the bunk ladder treads, see above. (Why doesn't the factory do that, they know you are going to be barefoot !!)

There were some dorky great big round reflectors up on the front top, not original, that even went over the top window frame, so we replaced those with some little diamond shaped ones. See above. The fridge gasket wouldn't stay in place, so Ray, who is very good with fiddly little jobs, glued it back in place. Jay would have just made a mess, and gooped it all over. He is better with woodwork. Just little nitpickin' jobs to be done.

I am doing things to it, that I would do if it were mine. I have added a chest of drawers in the back, and put in plain beige insulated drapes, over the sheers. The upholstery is a jig-zaggy beige and brown heavy velour. It had some funky old red/green floral cotton curtains in there, that didn't match anything, not original. I made more storage next to the water tank in the back, as it needed somewhere to keep hoses, and junk. The bunk ladder was in the shower, but I found a better place to store it in the bunk area, just needs some hooks and eyes to hold it in place.

This is a great Class B, in great condition, low miles, 3 KW Onan, awning, and I would keep it myself, but I want a real RV door. Easier for the old knees to get in and out, and up and down !! I hope I find the "perfect RV" for me, one day. I guess I want the same RV that everyone else does....Toyota on the outside, and Provost on the inside !!

So that is another 3/4 of the day !

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