Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Class C might sell after all. More grooming.

The Second Chance Offer was to someone who just toys with folks. But,
all might not be lost. I got a message from someone, through eBay, that they were so sorry that they missed the auction, as they loved old Ford trucks. I wrote to them, and said I would find out how to do a private Buy It Now listing. I asked them how we would do this as they are in GA, and I am TX. We will see. I got some emails from the Second Chance Bidder, and he really sounds like a jerk.

May called and was ready to work today. I realized that we had never refinished the water stained wooden ledges on the back of the dinette in the Class C. So I picked her up, and we went to get Jay. May laid one more coat of poly on the drawer front material, and some styles, and Jay tried to see if the wooden parts on the dinette could be removed and done in the workshop. They couldn't, so May had to do them in there.

Jay finally got the body off the chassis of the 'little black wagon', with a sawzall, as the frame really needed attention, too.

Finally, Jay and I got started on the grooming at 10.20 am. I bathed 4 of them, and he brush-dried. Then as he was still feeling bad, May and I took him home, and we went into town to pick up the parts for the Merry Miler, and a long awaited run into the local grocery store for some veges, and fruit. I miss my banana and tomato every day. I dropped May off at her house, dropped the parts for the Merry Miler off at Jim's, (the mechanic), and really got cracking on doing the poodle's feet. They can't go out until their feet have been clipped as it will ruin a clipper blade if there is any mud or grit on their feet. I rushed through that, and took them out to do their thing. They are not finished by a long shot, but they will be back for the day tomorrow, so I don't have to rush too much, today. Then I put them down for a nap, and me too.

I figured out that my back didn't go out, it was a charley horse type cramp in the big main muscle in my lower back. As I have osteoporosis, I get cramps in my legs at night, if I don't get enough calcium. I had been without for a few days, so my back was rebelling, too, I guess. Getting back on my banana a day, for potassium, might help.
So that is this day, and there will be more of it, as I am going to do some more grooming, feed the dogs and cats, and me.

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