Sunday, February 3, 2008

Merry Miler Drapes, and more wood finishing

Today, being Sunday, I picked up the help at 9.00 am. That gives me time to get a few extra odd jobs done, before I leave.

I was sitting in the tub, washing my hair. I sit so that I won't fall, as I have osteroporosis. Both tubs are set up with a hand held showers coming out of the shower wall low down, in case I have to wash an animal. Also, handy for washing hair, and undercarriages. Suddenly, I wasn't even moving at that time, oohh, back went out. So I have not been able to scamper around as quickly as usual. I took some Aleve, and that helped a little. It should be a little better by tomorrow, I hope.

Jay and I unscrewed the curtain holder things, and got the big drapes that I had made, up in the Merry Miler. Jay had to screw a piece of wood behind the light that is right in front of the drapery rod, so that they wouldn't bind. Factory mistake. He also fixed the broken toilet seat hinge with some dowel and some 3/4" and 1/2" metal electrical clamps that we bought yesterday. We have to get this one PFD'd. (Prepare For Delivery) as it is the next one to sell. I have to take 24 really good pictures of it, but I still have a lot of little door drapes to finish.

May stained and polyed some more wood for the white Class B. She also brushed the sizing on the part that we will have to wallpaper.

Then she gave the old little red wagon a coat of black hammered paint. I had looked for other colors, but could only find silver, so we used black, as I had that already. Now it is a little black wagon with white side rails !

That was that half a day.

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