Monday, February 11, 2008

Finally Washed the Merry Miler. Found out about Puppies.

Jay washing Merry Miler.

These are some of the professional photograpers
pictures of Boots, left, and Minkie, right.

I knew that I wasn't going to pick up May, so when Shay next door also a painter, had said that she wasn't working this morning, I asked her if she would like to work. After I got back with Jay, we set Shay up with the cabinets that are going to be installed in the workshop, or maybe the storeroom. We got them set up on the worktables outside, as the weather was lovely, but a bit windy. May had primed them, so now Shay could paint them. Shay's ex-husband Ray, was going to do some intricate caulking for me, on the Class C, that is his forte. If he couldn't straighten out the PO's lousy job, nobody could.

Jay finally had the time to start washing the Merry Miler. The pine trees here make algae on everything. Then he and Shay rolled out the awning, so that I could take pictures of it for the ad.
I measured the length needed for the hems of the kitchen drapes for the Merry Miler, and got them sewn. It had to be just right, or they could have got wet if hanging down on the counter top. Now the side door window drapes still need to be hemmed.

Jay had to leave early, as his mother (with a limited life span), had to go to several doctors, and he doesn't like her to drive to the next town by herself. So Shay finished up washing the Merry Miler, before she quit for the day. We moved the freshly painted cabinets back into the workshop, as we don't leave anything outside, but I left the shed unlocked as Ray was going to be layering the caulk at intervals, and had to wait for each layer to dry.

Then I drove north up Hiway 75 to an RV store for some parts we needed. I got the 12 v. florescent light bulb for the Merry Miler, a new style light for the bathroom in the TranStar, and a new kitchen light for the White Class B. I really needed a new battery vent louver for the Merry Miler, it is square, not round like most, and they didn't have it. I had hoped to install that before taking the pictures of the driver's side of the RV. The PO had just put the wrong thing there, and it looks awful. So now I will have to drive all the way south of Conroe, to the other RV store to get one. I will wait until Wednedsay to do that, I am not going to make a special trip.

Now, on the "Critter Front". I spoke to Kenya, and the kitties won't be going to get spayed this week, the vet's agenda is full. We are getting Blackie back. Now that we know that Blackie is the original spayed Blackie, Shay wants to keep her. Shay misses her so much. So I will meet Kenya on Wednesday to get Blackie, some shots for the puppies, some puppy food that she has, and she is also going to loan me her puppy pen. Mine is 30" tall, and every time I lean over it, to change the puppie's papers, I get bruises on my midriff. Tall folk don't understand how some things are more difficult for height challenged old ladies. Hers is only 24" tall, and it will make all the difference. I would like to swap permanently, if she will.

The door bell just rang, it was the old "Dingbat" that dropped off the puppies, and an old drunk, another Jim. I have vaguely known both of them for a while, but I didn't know they knew each other. Now they want one of the pups back, the black and tan. HaHa, I don't think so, you think after taking care of them, de-worming them three days in a row, and vaccinating them, that I am going to hand one over to that old drunk !! From what she just said, he had said to her "Get rid on those screaming puppies, and go sell them", and so she brought them to me. He can fill out an SPCA application, and probably get turned down. I did find out that the three beige ones were born on the 3rd. January, and the black and tan was born on the 5th January. So they left the mama dog in labor for two days. Can you imagine people doing a cruel thing like that ? So her saying that a man handed her a very pregnant Chihuahua was all a story, it was Jim's dog. Also, she said, that the dad was a Miniature Pinscher, MinPin for short.

I used to groom Jim's poodle about every year. It was kept chained up on his covered porch, and was always so stinky, flea-ridden, and matted that it couldn't see. It was such a sweet dog, I felt so sorry for him, or I wouldn't have groomed him. I am probably the only groomer who would touch him with a ten foot pole ! I disinfect after each dog, but after this one I had to deep clean, disinfect, and de-flea the place too. But he was so happy to get cleaned up that it was worth it. I would cuddle him, and he would lick my neck with thank you's. Then he would be put back on his chain at Jims, and be neglected all over again. Never wormed or vaccinated, he finally died, poor thing. These folks always have money for beer and smokes, but not vet care.

So far, that was my day.

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