Tuesday, February 19, 2008

No Work Today. But Busy, and Steaming !!

Jay had a Dr. appointment in Conroe, about 15 miles away, and as his sick mother has to drive him to Houston tomorrow, he didn't want her to have to get up early twice, and take him today too. So I picked him up, and off we went. When we got there, and the car was steaming.

Right now I am having to use my little tiny station wagon, named "Puddle Jumper". For the last 7 years has just been used in the subdivision for picking up dogs for grooming, picking up the help, and hauling trash. It's big adventure was to go into town, 5 miles away, and get inspected once a year. It is 20 years old, and has 191,000 miles on it. It still has the original engine, ( a 1.6 liter) and tranny, and is serviced regularly by Jim, the mechanic, who lives in my subdivision, here on Lake Conroe.

I sold my 4 x 4 Grand Cherokee as it was too high up for me to get in and out, comfortably.
I have been looking for a 4 liter, rear wheel drive, mid-size station wagon with all the buttons, for my going-to-town car. But I haven't got one yet. They are rare. I did find one, but it had 215,000 miles on it, and it was green, and had leather seats. I don't do green, or leather seats. Too hot, when you spend 6 months of the year in shorts. The seats will burn your legs when the car has been sitting in the sun. My cars are under cover here, but they get hot sitting at the store.

After Jay's appointment, we put water in the radiator, and found out that it was leaking at the back of the engine, not in front where the radiator and hoses are. We filled some bottles up to carry with us, and tried to get today's list done. We found the screw-in snappers for the drape tie backs, way south of Conroe, at an upholstery shop.

We stopped to pay a bill of Jay's, which is right next door to a big beautful clean thrift shop (who had sent me a 50% off coupon), and so I got quite a few things. Then stopped at Krogers to get the puppy and kitten food I needed... Boy, do they eat. We had left at 8.30 am, and didn't get back until nearly 2.00 pm. I fed the pups while I returned Kenya's call, then I took Jay home, and dropped the car off at the mechanics. He ran me home in his golf cart. So I just have RVs here to drive now, but I am not going anywhere.

Jim called and said it was a heater hose that was leaking, and he had ordered one, and I should get it back tomorrow.

I hope so, as I have to go back to Conroe to meet Kenya tomorrow, and pick up a different worm medicine for the pups second worming. She also told me that two puppies are booked now, and that the pups, and kittens will all get fixed on the 4th. March. The pups won't be coming back here, but after their recovery time, the kittens will. It is difficult to find good homes for black cats here in the US, ...weird, as they are considered good luck in Europe.... So I will be taking them to Adoption Day twice a month, until they find their 'forever homes'.

I had to give the pups their first shots today, so that they will get their second shots before they go for their surgery. By that time, Kenya will have approved homes lined up for all four to go to, as soon as they are ready. I weighed them today, and they range between 4 to 5 lb now. And they are fiesty ! I thought that I was through raising puppies 30 years ago.

So that was my day.

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