Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lovely Sunny Day, Odds and Ends Done

The new-to-me van.

There are three white vans here, and this one is "Little Van".

It was one of those warmer mornings, so I could put the kittens out on the screen porch first thing, for their breakfast. That keeps them out of the way while I tend to the puppies. Muffie was dropped off at 7.00 am to be groomed. It was definitely a "T-shirt day", not a "turtleneck and sweater day" like yesterday.

I picked up Jay, and gave him a list of things to do, while I groomed Muffie. We had "borrowed" a couple of clearance lights off the B+, for the Class C, and I had bought them yesterday, so they were installed. But I still had to find fuses, connectors, and bits and pieces for him. The grass and weeds needed mowing, so he got that done, too. All the freshly stained and polyed oak parts, that May had done for the White Class B finally got installed, including the cup holder console thing we made for the dash. We had even taken the drawers and cabinets doors off to refinish them, so Jay screwed them back on, too.

My back and knees were still sore from yesterday, but with the help of some Aleve, I managed to get Muffie groomed. When she is good, she is very, very good, but when she has had enough, she gets horrid. She is the worst one that I groom, but today she wasn't too bad. It was time to take her and Jay home, they live across from each other.

At 1.00 pm it was 80 deg. on the screen porch, so the cats are happy out there soaking up some sun.

I got some lunch, and as I didn't sleep very well last night, today will be a nap day.

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