Saturday, March 1, 2008

Lazy Saturday, and Adoption Day

It is a tank top and shorts day today. At 1.30 pm Central time, it is over 80 deg. on my porch.

This was taken of the pups this morning, they are really growing.

The little vent in the roof of the White Class B had it's plastic mesh screen broken, and they didn't have a replacement at the RV stores. I found some of that plastic embroidery mesh in my sewing dept., and made a new screen out of that. See right.

Jay was working at his aunt's place today, and Ray had other things to do. So I just piddled around with other stuff that needed to be done.

One thing was to get Ivermec in the ears of the kittens, for their earmites. I did Bobcat's ears while I was at it. Then it was time to take the kittens for the public to see at our Adoption Day in Conroe. Even at 80 deg. the sun was shining through the car glass, and made it hot in there. I am looking forward to driving the air conditioned van.

Last summer I often took the animals to Adoption Day, in their pet carriers in my MH, so that I could run the generator and AC, if I had to stop somewhere. I hope that I won't have to take these kittens to Adoption Day for too many more Saturdays, as I hope that they get forever homes soon. The pups haven't had their second shots yet, so they couldn't go, but I think that they are all booked to go to new approved homes, once they have been spayed and neutered.

The poor gray tom cat that is hanging around here, is getting worse, and he can hardly walk. I do wish there was something we could do for him, but we can't get near him.

I better get some more things done, as it will be time to go pick up the kittens at 5.00 pm.

Then that will be the end of this Adoption Day.

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