Saturday, February 2, 2008

Busy, but didn't get much done

You have had one of those days, busy but not much to show for it.

The High Bidder on the Class C was coming to see it, so getting it washed again was the first order of business. It has been sitting under that tree for three months, waiting for the other High Bidder to pick it up. It wasn't too bad, as it has been washed and waxed before the last listing. It had been drained for the winter, so we, Jay and I, put more water in it, so they could check out the systems. Then I moved the Merry Miler, so that we could back the Class C into that space, so that it could be plugged in, to check out the 110v. systems.

Darn, it wouldn't start ! Put a battery charger on it, and they showed up before we got it moved. It started, and the husband sat in it for a long time, listening to the motor, trying out the dash AC, and the radio/CD player. The wife was oohhing and ahhing about the great amount of storage in such a small rig. But I knew it was not for them. He was older man, and not in great shape healthwise, and I knew that a 4 on the floor was not for him. We older folks want something that makes life easier. They were out bid while they were here, and I am glad. I bet they were, too.

I have had lots of manual Toyota MHs and those stick shifts didn't bother me at all, but this Ford one really hurts my shoulders, it is the angle of the stick, and it doesn't help that my feet won't reach the pedals !! Jay drove it around the block to back it into the spot where we can plug it in, and he wants it, BAD, but he doesn't have the funds right now. He said it drove like a dream, but he has long legs and arms !

After they left, we had to rush to Petco, to take the foster kitties for Adoption Day and their viewing by the public. A professional photographer was going to take their pictures free for This will help them get forever homes. So we hung around in Conroe, got some parts at Lowes, and Home Depot, and returned a couple of items, too. We did drop off the paper at the re-cycling, and mananged to get to one thrift shop. I bought I very nice white leather purse, and a robe. Jay got four long sleeve shirts for $3, and when he was in Academy he found out that they would have been $20 a piece. It was finally my kitties turn to get their picture taken. Gee, they are difficult to pose. I hope we got some good ones out of all that she took. We were pretty beat by the time we could head home.
That was 3/4 of a day, today.

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