Wednesday, February 6, 2008

More grooming, more parts pick up.

Mindi called at half past midnight, and said that she wasn't going to pick up the poodles, after all. So maybe I can get started early and get them all groomed. But I also have to go back to O'Reilly's to pick up the last power steering hose for the Merry Miler. So I drove into town early, before I picked up the help. Told them that I was going to do that. I still got them picked up by about 8.00 am.

Meryl put another coat of poly on the wood for the cabinet doors for the white B, and the dinette ledges in the Class C. She also got another coat of paint on the wagon. Jay found the leak in my washer, fixed it. Then looked at my other washer in the guest house, as it has started leaking, too. It needed a hose that goes from the tub to the pump. I bathed Punkie, and Jay brush dried her. Then he got the water hooked back up to the sprinkler system in the back yard, as it isn't supposed to freeze again. I just can't watch them and concentrate when I have grooming to do, so we knocked off early. We are behind on the "First of the Month" stuff, but he couldn't think of doing any of that.

I got some more done on the poodles, then I had to take Blackie the black cat to Kenya in Conroe, so that she could get Blackie spayed tomorrow. I met Kenya, then went to Wal-Mart, and picked up the stuff I needed there. On to the appliance repair place, and got the hose for the washer, and then to the Ford house for a part for the Puddle Jumper. The counterman finally found out what that part did, didn't have one, and couldn't get one. It is to stop interference on the radio, which sounds fine right now. So it is not that important. I couldn't tarry too long, as I have someone coming to buy the gas stove I have for sale, and more grooming to do. Maybe I will have time to eat tomorrow !

Finally got the last poodle done, and all their nails cut. The folks picked up the stove, and Mindi picked up her poodles at nearly 10.00 pm.
What a Day !

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