Sunday, February 17, 2008

Class C again, Tirekickers, and Shots.

The ladies at the quilting club have been making pillow-beds for the SPCA adoptees, and here is how happy these pups are to get one of their beds.

Because of the impending storms we had put the Class C in my RVport, but it rained so hard that it still rained in there a bit. A tiny leak had come in the Class C, and when looking at the clearance lights, we realized that nobody had ever removed them, and put new butyl putty tape on them. Someone had daubed them with silicone, but that was it. So we took them off, and some were so sunbaked that they had to be replaced. Once installed with Butyl putty and Dicor Sealant, Jay couldn't get them to work right, so I called Jim the mechanic down the street. He had to replace two more, as the contacts were old. They were all working when I had it inspected. RVers seldom suspect that their innocent looking clearance lights are a common source of their leaking problems.

Some folks came to look at it, and I had explained what we were doing before they came. We still had loose wires, a moving pad, and a long board on the hood, so as not to scratch or dent it, so they couldn't drive it. They seemed to like it, if the price is right. "We will get back to you, we have another to look at". They were going to look at a 72 Winnie, and we all know what skin pitting problems they had with the Thermopanel !

Then I got an email from a guy who has wanted the Class C for a long time, but he wanted to trade a party van, not camper van, for it, but today he also added "plus some cash". That did get my attention ! I wrote back and asked how much cash, as by now I am tired of trying to sell a manual transmission motor home. He has seen it, and driven it. So we will see how that works out. I am ready to get it out of my yard, even if I do have to have another van around here.

Today, I was supposed to give Shay's cat, Blackie her shots. I had often given dogs their shots when I had my kennel, all except Rabies. But I had never given a cat a shot, and wondered what you do with the flailing four corners with sharp claws !! One of the SPCA volunteers at the Adoption Day told me how to do it. You "scruff" the cat. Now, I have never picked up a cat by the scruff of it's neck before, I always pick them up with two hands under their body. But Shay and I got Blackie in her utility room, and I scruffed Blackie and gave her the shot 'sub q', that means under the skin, not like a muscular shot. Easy, once you know how.

I doubt if Blackie will ever let me touch her again. During three nights of freezing weather, I had brought her in my grooming room, to keep warm, and shoved worm medicine down her each morning. A couple of weeks ago I crated her, took her to Petco to have her picture taken, and she stayed there all afternoon during Adoption Day. Last week I picked her up, put her in a carrier, and hauled her off to Kenya's, who then took her to the vet. The vet put her under, and shaved her tummy. That's when they found her old spay scar. Then today, I scruff her and give her a shot. She must think I am a nasty 'people', when all I have done, is for her own good.

I just fed the animals, and starting to feed me, so this is another Sunday.

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