Sunday, February 10, 2008

Well, I let the cat out of the bag !!

Last night, I didn't mean to tell all the experienced bloggers about my little ramblings here, but I let the cat out of the bag on rv-dreams chat tonight. There are going to be a few bored people ! How can I make my little old mundane life seem exciting, with the fulltimers going to all these beautiful sights in the USA, that I will probably never see. That is why I read THEIR journals, to travel along with them.

I had drank my coffee while I read my mail, and answered mail, as I do first thing every morning. Then, bathed, washed my hair, and had given the pups their third, and last, worm medicine, all by 7.00 am. They get another three mornings of de-worming in 2 weeks. I had fed the cat and kittens, and put them out on the screen porch. Bobcat loves to watch the sun come up on the porch when the weather is nice. I fed the pups, just before 9.00 before I picked up Jay. The animals have to wait 2 hours after the worming medicine to eat. So I try to worm them early. I have to keep one calendar on the wall just to keep up with the critters.

Today we had scheduled for AC cleaning day. Ray, my renter, cleans my ACs, and has done for years. I don't like central AC, as there are rooms that I sometimes don't use. I had central put in my last house, and it took up all my attic space, and it costs more to run than units. Now, when I say AC cleaning, I don't mean taking the front off and washing it in the utility sink, then vacuuming and washing the filter, we do that every month, when they are in use. This means an annual clean. Sliding it out of it's case, taking it outside, wrapping and taping the capacitor and motor with plastic bags, and spraying "Recoil" all over the coils. After it sits for a while, it gets all hosed down with a garden hose sprayer, and all the grime and dirt washes out of the fins, and the bottom of the AC. After it has drained and dried off, it goes back inside, into it's case.

Jay had to help Ray with getting the big heat/AC out, it is heavy. Ray got the two in the guest house done, and his bad back was killing him, so the other ACs will be for another day.

Jay and I got some stuff done in between helping Ray. Fixed a lamp, and did some of the "First of the Month" list, such as vacuum the drapes, valances, ceilings, ceiling fans, the back of the computer, and clean the air cleaners.

I had bought a 110v., 1000 watt, hand-held Shark vacuum cleaner, with all attachments, at a thrift shop last week, and it was great for those jobs. It even has a little nozzle for sucking the crumbs out of the puter keyboard, so I used that, too. Yesterday, at another thrift shop, I had even bought a bag to keep it all in, as it is for the RV, as my last one got stolen. It has extentions, and a carpet cleaning nozzle, and will be great for cleaning the carpet, and sucking the air out of space bags. I can store a lot more blankets, pillows, sheets, winter clothes & stuff when it is all sucked flat in space bags, and keeps them damp proof, and clean. I don't get to use my RV often, so I do have to keep it's linens and fabrics ready to use for several months at a time.

I don't buy the $40 filters for the air cleaners, too frugal. We keep the original box that the filters are made out of, and put new stuffing in them. Some of the filter material we use is tacky, and some is black charcoal, then we cut up the good kind of furnace filters, and fit it in the original cardboard cover, and put it back in the air cleaner. Works for me.

Then Jay helped me with the dog room. After he vacuumed in there, he kept the puppies at one end of the room while I mopped the floor, and under the puppy pen, put all new paper, new blankie in their bed, and back in the pen they went. I put lots of layers of newspaper at their bathroom end, and take out the top few layers as needed. I do this several times a day, but it is easier when Jay is here to help me move the puppy pen.

We haven't got to the rest of the "First of the month" list yet... like checking the air in all the tires, on all the vehicles, travel trailer, and utility trailers, too. Another item is to start all the gennys. Another job is to put Revolution on all the animals, cats and dogs, so that they don't get fleas, heartworms, or earmites. Seems like it never all gets done, before it is time to do it again.

Jay reminded me that it is the 10th of the month. Oh No ! The water bill and Lowes have to be paid, or there will be penalties. I struggled with getting signed onto Lowes credit, I don't know what was the matter today. Then I saw that I could add Lowes to "My Check Free", where I pay all of the other bills, for free. That was great! But the water bills I had to drive into town, and drop in their slot in the door. I keep on asking the water company to add their bills to "My Check Free", but it hasn't happened yet. I don't do the auto payments online, as they wanted to charge me, and take it out of my account behind my back. I get my money at different days of the month, so I like to pick and choose which ones to pay on the "My Check Free" list, at my convenience. Another thing that works for me.

So there is another day.

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