Monday, February 25, 2008

Bordetella Medicine. Little Van's Oak Started.

The pups are growing and need more room to scamper. Last night I gave them their Bordetella medicine. You pull the sterile solution up in a syringe with the needle on, and shoot it into the the other phial, shake to mix it up, and put these yellow caps on the syringe, without the needle, and put it up their nose ! Gee, things have changed since I raised puppies. My back has got older, too !!

It started out being a nice warm day, so put I the cats out on the screen porch for most of the day. This morning I had to give the kittens their next batch of de-worming. I have to weigh them first to give them the right dose of Strongid-T. I have a little basket that I put them in, on my postal scale. They realized that it wasn't going to hurt them, and let me weigh them. Two more mornings of that medicine on an empty tummy, and they can't be fed for 2 hours after.

May and Jay were ready, wonders never cease, when I picked them up. I made some more coffee and we went to work. The main event for today was to take out any oak that needed refinishing out of the Little Van so that we can still be working on it, even while it is at the mechanics. It takes a while to sand, maybe stain, and lay on at least three coats of polyurethene. I was surprised to see insulation when we removed the cabinets out of the back doors. Neither the White Coachmen Class B, nor Merry Miler have that. So Explorer did a good job.

Now about the "Little Van": It is a 1990 Chevy custom van by Explorer Van Conversions. 3/4 ton, 350 engine. 120,000 miles. Auto w. O/D, , Power windows. Power Locks, Tilt, Cruise. Front & rear AC. Power couch/bed. It has all oak things in it, like a clothes rod, bar, ice chest, little table, magazine racks, indirect lighting in oak tracks, little fold out drink/snack trays. Just a lot of oak storage places all over it. It did have a TV in it, so all the antenna stuff is there. 4 captains chairs with a removable table in the middle. The table stores in a cabinet in the back door. Couch across the back that electrically folds out to big bed. Powder blue cellular blinds and velour drapes, and velour seats, all in great shape. Not an really an RV, but it would be OK for a quick campout at a place that has facilites.

As it is not just a regular van, my insurance company is going to insure it as an RV. I took pictures of all the built-ins, the couch as a couch, the couch as a bed, etc. I know of a lady who had one like this, and added more to it, and when she got side-swiped, her insurance company just wanted to pay for a regular van. So I just want to have it all on record.

The picture on the right is only some of the oak parts that we took out to refinish. As you can see we have it scattered over two work tables outside, and there is more inside the workshop. It is easier to sand outside, where we can spread out, and makes less mess in the workshop. In the background of the picture is my vintage 1968 Hi-Lo, like new inside, travel trailer. We started to paint the outside last year, but other things got in the way, and it got shelved, waiting for better weather. That big dark tall thing on the second table is part of the Little Van's "dog house". (The cover that goes over the motor). It was easier to take that part of the cowling off to get the oak parts off it. The really long wooden thing on the first table that looks like it has teeth, is the oak clothes pole that goes all the way cross the back of the van, behind the couch. Even the drapery rods are made of oak. Very fancy.

I took May and Jay home, as it was time to quit for today.

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