Saturday, February 9, 2008

Went Shopping, Thrift that is.

After putting the kittens out on the screen porch with their breakfast, so that I could worm the pups for their second day, I went and picked up Jay. As three of the pups look very much alike, it is easier for me, to pick up each pup, give it it's medicine and then let it run around on the floor. It is easier to put fresh newspaper the puppy pen, without them in it, anyway.

Jay and I had our coffee, and waited for Leo to bring Muffie for her bath, and the rest of her groom. I dread grooming Muffie, she is fine until you get to her feet, and then she gets nasty. I have Leo's permission to muzzle her to stop her from bruising my left hand with her teeth.
He didn't show up, so we took off for Conroe to look for the oak trim, at a specialty lumber store that we need for the entertainment center in the White B. They didn't have what we needed.

One of the thrift shops was having a sidewalk sale, and I found a few handy things there. One was a beige toilet seat cover, that will match what I am sewing for the toilet cover in the Merry Miler. We did the rounds of the other thrift shops, lumber yards, and then came back to our little town and bought things that I had to have... canned puppy food, and kitty litter.
We were tired out.

I had an email from the Second Chance Offer guy wanting to now how he should send me a deposit on the Class C to hold it until he can get here next week. As I have to pay if he uses PayPal, I told him to send me a Post Office Money Order. If he is that interested, he will do it. We will see. I think, that he thinks, that he is still stringing me along.

That was enough for today.

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