Saturday, May 23, 2009

Coronado Floor.

Another day that was cooler, so that I didn't have to run the AC. This is getting to be a nice habit.
Bobcat spent most of the day on the screen porch.

Ray is elsewhere today, installing ceramic floor tile. I wouldn't want one, I really got my back hurt, slipping on a ceramic tile floor.

I picked up Jay and we worked on the Coronado floor. It took all kinds of tools to do the drilling, driving and screwing, and we got some of the framework installed. Some of these bolts and screws have to go through the frame, and it is a solid one. We will be installing the plywood floor in 4 foot wide sections. So we have to
make sure there is a joist at the 4 foot mark, just like framing a house.

I see a bunch of RV's, and boats, of different shapes and sizes coming in this lake subdivision for the weekend. Lake Conroe will be busy with the folks chasing around in their boats, so I hope everybody stays safe.

That is about it for today.

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