Monday, May 18, 2009

Cooler Day. Vanity Removal.

A second day where we had the windows open , and no AC! Bobcat is still out on the screen porch, she likes to watch the sun go down out there. She did saunter in for her breakfast and dinner, but went back out.

Ray had to go do something with his tires, so the Coronado step and tongue didn't get painted today, but MaeMae and I picked up Jay. He spent a lot of time on my land line phone talking to his cell phone provider, trying to find out where his minutes were going. It was determined, I think, that some company was leaving text messages advertising something. I put his phone number on the Do Not Call list.

To really do a good job on the Coronado bedroom floor, we had to remove the vanity, little sink and plumbing, and that took a while. We did a bunch more clean-up in there, but started late, so we didn't get much done.

I really can't see what good these antibiotics are doing me. I think this cold, cough, sinus trouble, or whatever it is, is just running it's course, with or without the antibiotics!

I wished I had shares in Kleenex today.

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