Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cleaning Inside Coronado. Then "Dr." Visit.

It was warm, but Bobcat was on the porch for a long time today. I hadn't slept very well last night, even though I took some cold medicine. I woke up several times, with my head all stuffed up, and that would make me cough. I felt a bit achy, too.

Ray and I moved the fridge in the 1947 Coronado travel trailer, and vacuumed up all the dirt that was under it. Then we took out most of the carpet and padding, so we could get a good look at the condition of the floor. Trying to get the regular house toilet unbolted was a chore. It was such a tight fit on one side, so we had to take down a wall that was in the way. Once we had the toilet out we could see why they had put it there, there is a metal beam right next to the floor flange.
Gee, I guess they hadn't heard of offset flanges!! We knew that some of the floor needed to be replaced in that area by the toilet and back door. But we decided to take out the tub, too, so that we could look under there. We started on it, but by then it was lunch time, and quitting time.

I ate a bite of lunch, soaked in the tub, and tried to lie down to make the achiness go away. I dropped off for a few minutes and then I woke up, head all stuffed up and coughing again. I had had enough of that, so called my doctor's office in our little town. They couldn't see me today, but sent me to their other clinic in the next town to see a 'nearly' doctor. I couldn't find a parking place there for ages. Where did everybody come from? The practitioner didn't take long to check my lungs, look in my throat, in my ears, take my temperature, write a prescription and send a nurse in with a shot for each cheek. First one hurt, but the second one was a smaller needle.

I stopped at Krogers to fill the prescription, and more trouble finding a parking space there. They said it would be an hour's wait. I should have gone back to the van and got a sweater. I guess they thought that they were going to hang meat in the whole store, it was freezing in there, especially to me, with my little fever. I wandered around the store for about 45 minutes. Then when I had stood in line for half an hour waiting for my antibiotic prescription, they still told me to wait over to the side for 10 more minutes. Is everybody taking medicine? Mine came with three pages of "side effects". Gee, I hate that.

Finally got home, fed the animals, a bite for me, and I am calling it a day.


A couple of newer paintings 2019 said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling poorly, Penny. Hope this clears up fast!

Gypsy said...

I hope your are feeling better real soon. By the way, I hate those pages they include with all prescriptions - I never read the side effects. In fact I don't read any of it because the print is so small I can't even read it with a magnifying glass.

Take care and get well.

Leno said...

Oh sorry Penny. Will you please just rest tomorrow and not work...
Feel better soon.