Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fright Night.

It was 40 deg. on the screen porch this morning, so I didn't let the cats out there. But the forecast was for 70 deg, so I dressed in layers.
I knew that I had to take Jay to the next town, and we had quite a few errands. Jay had to go all the way to the south end of Conroe to pay a bill, so I did what I usually do when he is doing that, go next door to Krogers and shop for bargains.

I bought some Dill Dip, I love dill in any form. I had bought some Dill Seasoning when in Vancouver, Canada, that got me hooked. We used it for a long time when we got back to TX. Then McCormick had a spice called "It's A Dilly", it is not just Dill Weed, and we wouldn't think of eating eggs or avocado without it. Then McCormick discontinued it, and I can't get it anymore.
Milk was on my list, too. We had the little insulated bag with us, but hadn't put a cold pack in it. On top of that, we had been delayed at a couple of stops. I was worried about my milk and dip, as the weather had warmed up enough that we had to take our long sleeves off.
Low and behold, at one of the thrift shops was a Car Cooler, that cools or warms on 12v. That will be a handy thing to keep in the car.
Also there was a swan made of pine needles. We were talking about some of the beautiful things that people weave out of pine needles on RV-Dreams chat the other night. It will be something different in my swan collection over the front patio door.
Another think I bought was a campfire sandwich maker.

WalMart didn't have hardly an empty parking space, so things must be good around here.
Have a good Halloween, and don't drink and fly today!

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