Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Visit with Linda and Howard in Cagle Rec. Area.

This morning I visited Linda and Howard of http://www.rv-dreams.com/ in the Sam Houston National Forest, Cagle Recreation Area, near New Waverly, TX.

This is only about 15 miles from my house, about 7 miles as the crow flies, and I had never been there. Another lesson about exploring your own back yard, as you never know what gems you will find!
When you see lovely campgrounds like this, you wonder why anyone would want to be on hot slabs, all in a row like sardines, in an RV park or resort. This site is $20 with full hook-ups. It would be $10 for me with a 'geyser pass'. I tried to imagine camping there, and taking the walk down to the lake, but I think that is when I would miss my late DH, and my dog, the most.

Taking Bobbiecat in one of her special animal strollers, just wouldn't be the same. She has two strollers, and the orange one cames off the wheels and becomes a back pack. I used it as a regular back pack, for things, when I went to AR to get the Mirage! With all the see-through pockets it was great for finding maps, drinks, snacks and things when I was on the bus. Then that left my hands free for carrying the rest of the luggage.
Her other stroller doesn't come off it's wheels, and can't even be used as a carrier in the MH, so I hardly ever use it.

The sites at Cagle are huge, and the tent pad was on their site, so it couldn't be rented to anyone else. I had been to another campground in the Sam Houston National Forest years ago, with my son, as there were ATV trails near there, but never ventured to this one. I will have to remedy that, when my fosters are adopted in to their 'forever' homes.

It was great to see Linda and Howard again. Hugs all around. We figured that it must have been about October 2006 the last time we saw each other. How time flies! We sat under their awning in wonderful weather, and chatted about all kinds of things. I was looking in and around their rig, as I am not up on all the newer stuff, as I mostly work on vintage RV's. Even the door latches on the fridges are different now!

They had a satellite dish for TV, screwed onto a board, on the grass beside the rig, as the trees would interfere with the roof mount one, and were using their phone for internet again. More than one way to skin a deer. I didn't want to say 'cat', 'cos why would you want to skin a cat?

Their visitors came over, Wayne & Renea, who had their Class A in the next site, but that was still quite a way away, these sites are so large. They are from Monroe, LA, which was where my home park (Shiloh) was, when I belonged to Coast-to-Coast. Another instance of meeting great people when you are RVing.

Most of the time I was there, a riding lawnmower on steroids, similar to the picture, was racing around at maybe 15-20 MPH, almost like an ATV. It's rear wheels were as big as the ones on my van. As it got closer it was kicking up quite a bit of dust, so the picnic that I had brought, had to be eaten indoors.

I didn't see their 5er (fifth wheel trailer) last time, as we met in Willis,TX near my house. It is only the second time I have been in a big full time 5er, as the ones that I had were smaller. Deb and Rod's (http://debandrod.blogspot.com/ ) was the first one, when I visited them in Schertz, TX in the Hill Country, last year. The big 5ers do make lovely homes, but all those stairs would do me in! But you have to have steps to have all that basement space, so you can't have it all.

"I always thought a yard was three feet, then I started mowing the lawn. - C.E. Cowman "

A great time with old friends today.

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Leno said...

How great that you got to visit with H & L.. I was just looking up that campground today after reading Howards post about it. It is a place we will probably stay at on our week "out" of TT.