Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Looking for St. Bernard. Internet Explorer.

It was cooler but humid this morning. The cats didn't even want to go out on the screen porch first thing. I closed the windows, and turned on the AC about 10.00 this morning, as it was getting uncomfortable.

Little "Pretty" had jumped up in my sewing area and scattered sewing stuff all over the floor. All three foster cats had a great old time running different color reels of thread around the sewing machine table and chair legs. I was in another part of the house so didn't know what was going on. So how did I know it was Pretty? She is the one that looked guilty, and the others don't jump up on tables and counters. I have had them long enough that they know better. But they joined in on the fun once everything was on the floor. Then it is considered fair game!

This morning when Shay came back from one of her jobs in this subdivision, she asked me to call Animal Control. She had seen this Saint Bernard looking pleadingly out of the window of a house as she was going by, several times. This morning she found out that the dog had been abandoned by the tenants, and that today the landlord had just turned it loose out on the streets to find food, water and shelter. That is cruel and illegal, as we have a leash law.

I drove around the streets looking for it. At least I could give it a place to stay with food and water until Animal Control, or the Saint Bernard Rescue could pick it up. I didn't say 'shelter' because from what I have heard, this Saint wouldn't fit in my doghouse!! If it seemed like a nice clean dog, I would probably let it stay in my grooming room. The foster cats would have to stay either locked up in their respective cages, or in the house until it was gone! I don't usually lock the cats up, their cage doors are left open except when I am grooming. I searched and searched for the Saint, but never did find it. Someone must have known it was a pet, and took it under their wing. I hope so anyway. See video: http://www.saintrescuetx.org/SBRTexas/index.jsp

My full timing RV friend who lost their Saint to stomach cancer in August, now has an adorable new pup. He misses Barney so much, so I hope the new pup will take away some of the pain. His temporary name is "Dooley", short for DROOLEY. LOL . This Dooley's picture. Ain't he cute?
The pup is eight weeks old, and already weighs 17 pounds. How would you like to have him in your RV?

I have been trying to get used to Internet Explorer, as I cannot have my AOL home page on both computers at the same time. I find that there are so many things that I miss on IE, that I have on AOL.
I miss my carousel of 18 favorite places. I am often clicking on one of them. This is different from the regular 'favorites'. I miss the little red heart which I can click on to save something in a hurry, and send it in an email, (even to myself), IM, or keep as a favorite. The "Keyword" on AOL has so many more features than a regular Google search. I also found out that saving blog drafts doesn't work the same, it doesn't seem to save the last 'save'. I know lots of folks put down AOL, but it is easier for me to use than other IPS that I have had.

Another than that, not a lot going on today.


KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Ohhh I sure hope someone found that poor dog. How can people sleep at night knowing they left him to fend for himself? argghhh both the owners and the landlord, how CRUEL!

Mom of Bark+Bite said...

The cats sound like fun. My daughter (#2) foster mom 4 new born baby kittens. Her and her DH had to get up all during the night and bottle feed them. They were old enough tobe adopted a few weeks ago. They have all found a great home -hers. Only a good person would take their time to look for a stray dog that may be hungry and thirsty.Good for you Penny.