Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trip To Downtown Houston, What sights!

I like my Haier compact dishwasher, but it doesn’t seem to do as well as another compact one that I had before. There was one for sale, the same brand as my previous one, Danby, on Craigslist, so I wanted to go downtown Houston to see it. If I was going to change, I needed to do it before everything was built in permanently, as this one is wider.

Jay wanted to go with me. It was interesting to see the places that had sprung up on the freeway, as had both of us had lived, and worked, in the rat race of Houston, years ago, but managed to escape.

We had to go through the main part of downtown, between the tall buildings, right over the underground city, with shops and cafes, that no one even suspects is there:

The couple lived on the third floor, no elevator, and brought it down to us:

It has a stainless steel interior, not cheap looking, or feeling, like my Haier, and more settings. It was immaculate, just like new, so I bought it.

On the way out of Houston there was the old historic district:

We saw a man riding a motorcycle like this on the
TWO front wheels:

I was tired when I got home, but still did two loads of laundry, but now I have to fold them, if I want to get into my bed!!

It was an interesting day.

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