Thursday, October 8, 2009

Formica-ing Table, Cage Floor. Dep. on Mirage.

When I got up I felt like I couldn't crawl out of a wet paper bag. Just felt like my get up and go, had got off, and went. It was really humid today, so that you felt you weren't breathing hardly any air, and wished you had gills.
I was dreading having to struggle with grooming Muffie, she is such a wiggle wort. Bobbiecat's tray, with her two food bowls, was put back in my tub, ready for Muffie's arrival. There has been a step stool to help Bobbiecat jump up into the tub for a long time now, and it is even handy for me, too. No porch time for the foster cats this morning, I kept the cats in the dog room, as when Muffie arrives she stays in the house with me unless I am grooming her.

She arrived about 7.30 AM, and after inspecting everything, laid down under my bed. Now I was waiting for MaeMae's arrival. I hadn't fed the cat's yet. I was going to feed them as usual in their individual cages, but shut the doors on them this time, ready for grooming Muffie. I took all my vitamins, (I don't always remember,) as I thought it might buck me up. Then I got a call from Claudia, they weren't going on the casino trip, she and her neighbor had an argument about Jay's recent behaviour. So Muffie's Dad came and picked her up, and of course his side of the story was different!

Good!! Boarding the two dogs is no big deal, but I had been dreading grooming Muffie. When Ray arrived it meant that we could work together, putting Formica on my porch table.

We have cut up so many cat litter boxes to make triangular shipping tubes for shipping the aloe plants, that we have holes in the cutting boards. We decided to just make it like one of the work tables in the workshop which we cut on all the time, and cover it with a scrap of Formica.
Ray was still in a back brace, so I went up in the guest house attic and found a rolled up piece of Formica that was left over from the house I built in Onalaska, TX. We got it unrolled on an outside table and Ray cut it with the circular saw with the fine blade in it. He started to slather the contact cement on the Formica, when we remembered that the original top to the plant table was made out of a piece of Jay's left over siding. We unscrewed the top and turned it over, as we didn't want to use the grooved side as it wouldn't be so sturdy for cutting. Unfortunately it wasn't the normal wooden T-1-11, this was that Masonite cr*p. Would the contact cement stick to that? To try to make it less absorbent, Ray painted two coats of primer on it.

While we had the saw out, I found a piece of tub surround so he cut it the right size to go in the transporting cat cage for Patches. The person I bought it from, never did come back with the tray for it. If I put a piece of carpet in there, a cat could turn that up, and squeeze out of the bottom. So now it has a rigid bottom and they can't do that.

A lady was coming to see the Mirage, and she arrived over an hour early, I was still in my paint splattered work clothes, with my tool fanny pack on!! I hadn't even plugged the Mirage in yet. When I did, turned on the roof AC, it quickly cooled down in there. I showed her all the inside, all the cabinet storage, under the dinettes, and the fridge was even starting to cool down by then. She took it on a test drive down to the marina and back. Then the usual haggling about price, but we came to an agreement, and she left me a deposit check. Supposed to pick it up on Saturday. I called her bank near Austin, the check is good, but when I deposited it, the bank said that it can take a week to clear. When I got back, I finally let the cats out on the porch, (see pictures, enlarge if you wish), but they didn't want to stay out there very long.

We left the gluing of the table top and Formica for tomorrow, as it was so warm and humid today.

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