Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shopping and RV Depreciation

Ray is still letting his sore back rest again today, he will be here tomorrow. But I will be grooming Muffie, so he will have to do the jobs that he can do on his own. Muffie and MaeMae, two neighbor's dogs, are arriving early in the morning, as their folks are going out of town overnight.

I went to into the next town to WalMart, Lowes, and stopped at one thrift shop. I can't believe how much a little bottle of face moisturizer costs any more!! What used to be a $3 item, has morphed into $12-30. But I did get gas for $2.11 !!

After I got home and had some lunch, I saw this about RV depreciation.
No wonder I prefer vintage, they appreciate!! And I don't have all the trips back to the dealer to have stuff fixed like a new one.

Year Depreciation
1* 15%*-35%
2 10%,
3 6%
4 6%
5 6%
6 5%
7 5%
8 4%
9 4%
10 3%
11 3%
12 2%

"Note: The depreciation shown in year one is adjusted to reflect the typical dealer discounts of plus 20% from list. If it is calculated based on the suggested list price, the first year depreciation would be near 35%.
Remember, this is only a guide line, in many cases the real purchase price may be difficult to determine if a trade was involved. Therefore to get an approximate depreciated value of an RV, it may be easier to calculate the depreciation from the original suggested list price. Using this method, just substitute 35% for year one. Now, keep in mind, values may vary higher or lower based on many factors. These factors include, but are not limited to, popularity of the make/model, current market demand, vehicle condition, geographic sales area, economic conditions, and much more."

After the rained stopped, it was a great day.

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Mom of Bark+Bite said...

Thanks for the info on RV sales. For me the best store you can shop in is a Thrift Shop! I always find something and come out happy and did not spend a lot of money. If anything I am a thrift shop junkie! Hate to pass one and not go in.