Friday, October 2, 2009

Fixing Gates. Episode 6. Router. Adoption Day

Last episode tonight. It has been very interesting.

Today I knew that I would be helping Jay fix his gates. Thank goodnes it wasn't so hot. Ray was painting some of my cross-fences in the back.

Jay and I were cutting, stretching and reworking his chain link gates to make them fit the openings between the posts. One gate had to be made smaller, and one larger. We used fence couplings, in both cases. Jay still said that it was easier than moving the posts as they were set in a bunch of concrete.

After lunch I went into the next town, looking at laptops again. Kenya and a couple of other SPCA foster moms were setting up the cages at Petco for tomorrow's Adoption Day. As the two troublesome, bitey, scratchy cats won't be there tomorrow, I will take two of mine. Pretty and Patches.
The troublesome one's foster mom would put those two cats right at the beginning of the row. People would get scratched when they put their fingers in their cages to pet them, and would think that all our SPCA cats are like that, and walk off. It never gives the rest of the cats a chance, so I refused to take mine when they are there. It is a lot of hassle for me to get the cats loaded in their cages, strapped down in my van, unloaded at Petco, and then not even have folks look at them. It was so heartbreaking. None of my foster cats ever bite or scratch people when folks stick their fingers in the cages, they love the attention. They each have their own cage where they eat, but the doors are left open, and they have free range of the dog room. I often pet them through the cages when they are in them, so they don't feel that it is an intrusion, but a loving gesture.

Then I bought a Netgear router, and I have been fiddling with that ever since.

Episode 6 [October 2]The Morning of Creation (1946-1980) National Parks.
"This episode includes Biscayne, Dinosaur National Monument, Isle Royale, North Cascades, Olympic, Redwood, and the creation of Alaska’s parks. Although the film ends in 1980, several recently added historic sites are mentioned, including Andersonville, Little Rock Central High School, The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Sand Creek, Manzanar, and Shanksville, PA (the final resting place of Flight 93). With WWII coming to an end, more than 32 million people visit the parks in 1950. This episode explores the fact that more and more Americans are introducing their kids to parks and the concept of "loving the parks to death" emerges. A majority of this episode is devoted both to Adolph Murie and wolves in Alaska, as well as the battle to conserve huge amounts of land in Alaska. Murie and his study of wolves in Alaska is introduced in this series: “Let us be guardians rather than gardeners." Wolves’ reintroduction to Yellowstone in 1995 is also highlighted here. Parks are under pressure not only from visitors but from business interests wanting to rebuild the country and exploit water for hydro-electric dams. Echo Park and the push to save Dinosaur National Monument from being drowned by a dam are big highlights as is George Hartzog's tenure as director and his push to change some policies, such as the feeding of bears at garbage dumps in Yellowstone. The episode ends with a quote by Terry Tempest Williams, who is quoted extensively in the series: "The challenge for the 21st Century is the story of restoration. The national parks are not just a gift, but a covenant with the future. This is what we have now, and it is in your hands." This episode includes Biscayne, Dinosaur National Monument, Isle Royale, North Cascades, Olympic, Redwood, and the creation of Alaska’s parks."

It is sad to know that this is the last episode today.


KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

I have really enjoyed the whole series on the parks. It showed the good and the bad... and how it all transitioned to where the parks are at today. I hope to get to each and every one, some day.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Hi Karen. Yes, I would like to have seen all the National Parks, too.
There is an RV blog about a couple whose dream it is to do just that. It is very interesting.
When I am not on dial-up, (broadband went out, someone must have hit a pole), I will try to find it for you.
Happy Trails, Penny, TX