Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Not Much Accomplished. Pet Food!

Another lovely day with the windows open.

This picture of me was taken last Wednesday, by Heidi, my niece, visiting from England.
The sign above my head tells a fireman how many animals are in the house, and the one by the bell tells you that if you abuse an animal, you will go to jail.
Ray came and we worked all morning but didn't seem to accomplish much.
We tried to solder a loose wire on a special heater that I have, and the cold soldering iron wouldn't work. It had already taken a while to get the darn heater apart, even with using an 'easy-out' on the screws.
Ray waxed the roof of the van where we had painted it white, to get it protected for winter.
That white roof is great, not only does it reflect the heat, but I don't loose the navy blue van in the parking lots anymore.

We riveted some small bars on a cracked flat part of the little Oreck canister vac I got on Friday. That part went fine, but then we couldn't find the hose to the vacuum.
I thought it must have been left at the thrift shop, so, without any lunch, I drove down there before it got thrown away.
They had not been open since last Friday, so unless the dumpster had been emptied, the odds were good. But they couldn't find it. So I went to a couple of other shops where I thought I might buy a hose, but did not succeed.

I stopped at the feed store to get the cats some more Exclusive Cat Food, and the lady told me that they are getting in an even better food tomorrow. So I will try that. She was upset about the people that come in to buy the cheapest food, full of corn meal, just like the grocery store pet food.

Then they wonder why their dogs have skin problems and other health troubles! She was glad that I try to feed mine the better foods, but I know it is cheaper than paying the vet!
"A cat isn't fussy - just so long as you remember he likes his milk in the shallow, rose-patterned saucer and his fish on the blue plate. From which he will take it, and eat it off the floor." - Arthur Bridges
So I came home empty-handed today!

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