Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fixing floor. Gee, What A Little Water can Do!

This post already disappeared once, but maybe I can recreate it. This is the day we had to start fixing the kitchen floor in my little guest house where Ray and Shay live. Shay is away house sitting elsewhere until Sunday.

MaeMae and I picked up Jay. Ray's back is still bothering him, and as much as he doesn't like to be around Jay, (even if Jay is sober), he knew that he could not do the floor at this time. Jay and I moved the dining furniture, hutch and fridge out of the kitchen. Jay removed the baseboards, and Ray started cutting out the old linoleum. We cut out some soft spots on the floor, and the shower the other side of the wall was suspected of being the cause. But it wasn't that. A while back the window Heat/AC had been leaking in the wall, and we had altered the pitch of it to rectify that. But it had already done it's damage to the floor under the old lino.

Some blocking was screwed in, and 3/4" plywood screwed in the hole. Ray went around on his knees scraping up the old floor mastic, and it is pretty smooth, but we will need to use some Floor Leveler, which we will 'float' tomorrow.

All the up and down the steps, over to the board rack, and up to the plywood storage did my knees in, and by 1.30 we had all had enough for today.


Mom of Bark + Bite said...

That is Hard Work Penny! Just reading this makes my bones hurt. Hope you rested this afternoon. Tell Ray give his back some rest. Glade you have Mae Mae.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

I am just taking care of MaeMae while her "Mom", Claudia, who had a liver transplant a while back, is having stents put in her new liver. Apparently, they have to do that every few months. Then MaeMae goes home.

Thank you for your continued interest in my little ramblings!

Happy Trails, Penny, TX

Debbie Goode said...

Oh the joys of 'home improvement'...know how ya feel...we had to pull part of the floor in one of our 'stick house' bedrooms this past summer due to water damage from a leaky window.....what a pain or should I say 'pane' as in window....LOL!