Friday, October 16, 2009

Whew! What a Day!

The day started out unexpectedly with a mad rush. Thank goodness it was not hot or humid!

I was working on the computer, still in my nightclothes, when my 17 year old grand daughter Michelle, called. She wanted me to take her to school, as she had missed the bus.
I told her that it would take at least 45 minutes for me to get there.

The cats had been out on the screen porch since early, and neither they, nor MaeMae, had even had their breakfasts yet. I usually get dressed and feed them when I get off work at 8.00 AM, before we start working around here at 9.00AM, so was a mad scramble. I knew that her school was nearly into the next town, Conroe, so I called Jay so that he could go with me, as he had stuff to do there. He also had to help me move the furniture out of the way in Ray's kitchen again, before I could leave. I had the floor leveling powder, so Ray could be floating the floor until I got back.

I did feed Bobcat very quickly, as she gets sick if she doesn't eat her canned food on time, and got the cats back in the house, so that MaeMae and I could go pick up Jay. Then he and I moved the furniture, left MaeMae in my house, and off we went.
We picked up Michelle, in another subdivision quite a few miles away. I raced down the freeway, over the speed limit, and got her to school. She was late, of course.

Then on to Conroe. I had trouble finding the right carpet bar that goes between the new lino and the existing carpet. All they had at Lowe's was 8' long. I didn't want any joins in it. Finally found a 12' long piece at Home Depot, and it only just fit in the van. By the time we had made some other stops, it was way past lunchtime, and I was already worn out. I dropped Jay off at his house, and came home to feed the animals, and me.

Ray had floated the floor, so we started struggling with the new linoleum. After vacuuming scrupulously, we laid it out, cut to it to fit, rolled half back, and applied the mastic to that half of the floor. We got that half of the lino rolled into place over the glue, and rolled any air out. Then rolled the other half back, applied more mastic and got that side glued down. By the time we had done that, we were too beat to nail the baseboards, or carpet bar. So we put the furniture back for now. Too tired to come back here to get the camera!

The baseboards can wait until another day!

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Mom of Bark+Bite said...

I thought you were busy yesterday! Aren't grandchildren amazing? If they need us for something we are up and moving like someone 10 years younger.(LOL) I need new vinyl in my kitchen but I'm not sure I can handle a large piece. Put your feet up and have a cup of tea you earn it today.