Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Groomed Muffie, Dishwasher In Place

Great weather today, not hot, not cold, no rain. What more could one ask for? I drove down and picked up Jay and Muffie again today.

Ray was waiting to paint the board that goes in between the Haier dishwasher and the cupboard that will be built in next to it, but that never happened. Jay was so busy trying to get the plumbing and other measurements right, that he never did cut it. He just can't think like he used to.
So Ray spent his time working on the drawer that will go under it, and cleaning AC filters, air cleaners, and ceiling fans. There were a lot of other things waiting to be fixed in the work shop, so he tackled some of them, too. Always something to do around here.

This is as far as we got with the dishwasher. It was taken out a couple of times, as once there was a water leak at the dishwasher end, and then there was one at the water cut-off end, which meant I had to into town to buy new dishwasher hose. So it still isn't working yet. But we can already see how much less room the door will take up in the aisle when it is open!

The foster cats were locked up in their cages, while I started to groomed Muffie. But I was going backwards and forwards so much to help Jay, that I didn't get her completely done until later in the afternoon. Her "Dad" didn't mind, as he had gone to the American Legion for the day. I had let the cats out at lunch time, so by the time Muffie and I got back in there, they sat in the grooming room watching me. "Prime" didn't even seem upset by Muffie this time. I think, given time, they would be friends.

Stopped at Conn's to look at their computers, but didn't see anything that I wanted today.

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