Thursday, October 22, 2009

Best Pick for Shampoo and Pet Food.

It was cooler, but it was drizzling rain. It had obviously rained harder during the night, as some of the yard sale things were damp.
Ray and I anchored the plastic sheeting better over the row of tables beside the fence, by tying knots in the corners of the plastic and using bungee cords to hook onto the lattice fence. I haven't spread the things out yet, as I still need to get my van in there.
We sorted out some more stuff, and I will be so glad when I can have the sale, next week, and get most of it outta here.

I was waiting for the new 'better' cat food to arrive at 3.00 PM at the feed store. When I called to see if was there, the lady said that she was very disappointed. She won't be switching to it, and nor will I, it has "By-Products" in it, which is made of dead, disabled, and diseased animals of all kinds. So we are staying with the old brand for now. It is still not the best there is. Kumpi Kat All Life Stages Food is one that gets the 10/10 score, if I could get it, I would try it.  But Wellness Brand cat food has great reviews, and I can get that at Petco, so I have Bobcat on that.   You can measure your cat's food by these reviews: They also have a page for dogs.

I couldn't understand why my hair was so dry and brittle. Lots of it came out on my brush, and I know that I am not on chemo! Thank Goodness! I did some searching, and found out that I was using a shampoo which the second largest ingredient, after water, was Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate, which is very, very harsh.
I had forgotten to look at the ingredients in the shampoos at WalMart, or at Sally's Beauty Supply, but remembered when I was in the Dollar General, and found one, now my hair is a lot better. This is the criteria that I had printed out, to have with me:
1. Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate - very, very harsh
2. Ammonium Laureth Sulfate - very harsh
3. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate - still little harsh
4. TEA Lauryl Sulfate - good
5. TEA Laureth Sulfate - good
6. Sodium Laureth Sulfate - gentle, great

So please look at the labels. Just like you would for the food you, or your pets eat. It is all about the money, and if they can sell a lot of a product made cheaply, they don't care about you.

But I do, or I wouldn't bother writing this today.

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Gypsy said...

You can also take Biotin, which is very good for keeping your hair thick and preventing loss. You can get it in any drugstore (off the shelf) or health foods store. I usually take approx 1000 mcg a day, but they come in all different strengths so you have to figure accordingly. I am now using a bottle of 1000 mcg tabs, so I take one a day; when I open the bottle of 600 mcg tabs I will take two a day; for 300 mcg's I take 3 a day, and so on. It really works!