Sunday, October 25, 2009

Painting. Blogger. MSE.

My World Clock had fallen back an hour, so it had to put it on a different time zone this morning. It didn't know that the time change had been postponed.
Another mild day, with no rain in the forecast, so as Jay didn't show up, Ray and I were doing some painting outside on a table.

I mixed up some paints to get a salmony color that I wanted for Bobcat's board to match the shells in my bathroom. Ray painted it while she was locked on the screen porch. I didn't want her to jump up, the board not be there, and jar her bad leg in the bathtub.

The one circuit was still shut off in the kitchen at the breaker, I forgot and tried to charge my phone! That circuit also controls the hood fan/light, disposal, and over sink light, so it didn't take long to wire nut and tape the bare wires for the dishwasher, and turn it back on.

Ray started getting the shelf, door and drawer primed and painted white for the kitchen, they still needs more coats.

Bobcat woke me up early, so I put that time to good use, I hope. I un-installed my security program, and installed Microsoft Security Essentials, as I heard that it should be better. After it was installed, it took a long time to scan, so I had plenty of time to get dressed, and feed the cats.

I was hoping, computer illiterate that I am, that it would cure some of the problems that I have been having since I had that virus. But it didn't. Somewhere, in the deep dark crevices of this machine there has to be a button which will fix them.
To get into chat I either have to restart my computer, or go through Firefox, which I prefer not to do. It says my Java is not enabled, but I know it is, 'cos I checked. I restart, and it is OK. Weird!

There are two kinds of comment boxes on Blogger. One has an outline for the comment box, and the other doesn't. I can comment on the ones in a box, but not the ones without. I couldn't even post a question on the Blogger Help Forum, either, maybe because that place to post doesn't have an outline? Now, that doesn't make sense to me. It does the same thing, I can click or try to type, and it doesn't even know I am there. I am not trying to go around incognito, I'm not in the Witness Protection Progam, but it acts like I am.

While I was waiting for MSE to do it's thing, I got my laptop going, and still can't get it to go to Live Writer. A sign comes up and says something about an error 401, unauthorized, and has to be remedied, but no button to tell me what or how.

Then I put new cartridges in the printer, and they didn't work. Fortunately I had others. Not a good puter day!

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