Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just Shopping and Un-shopping. "Pretty".

Yesterday the Post Office was closed for Columbus Day, so the aloe vera plants had to be chosen, unpotted, packed up, and mailed today. With several delays, including waiting for Animal Control to arrive to pick up a very sweet stray tabby tom cat, Jay and I didn't get started into town until about 11.00 AM. (The tom cat jumped out of the cage as she was putting him in the truck, and he ran away so fast, that I don't think he will be staying, or spraying, around here for a while.)

Our tardy departure upset a neighbor who had asked me to pick her up a pack of cigarettes, as she thought that I would be back by noon. We didn't get back until after 4.00 PM, so she left 17 messages on my answering machine. She smokes three packs a day, and wonders why she never has any money!! I have a sign here that says "Lack of organization on your part, does not constitute an emergency on my part!", and that's the way it is.

Some of the delay in the next town was the enormous line at the great big Post Office, with only two registers open. The queue was all around the foyer, and even out the door. After 20 minutes the line hadn't moved, so I decided to bring the aloe packages back to my little town's tiny Post Office, where there were five people in front of me, and three registers open. Does that make sense?

I didn't get the brand of cordless vac that I had intended, as I am trying out a Dirt Devil one, which was cheaper for the same volts. We will see if it does the job.

When I dropped Jay off, I found out that Claudia has left early for her few days visit with one of her daughters. So I brought MaeMae, her little dog, home with me, as I knew that Jay was going to start drinking beer. MaeMae is so scared of him when he drinks, so I was supposed to take care of her while Claudia is gone.

A phone call from my SPCA boss, said that a couple with two Chihuahuas are approved to adopt little Pretty, the Siamese. Saturday, I will take all three foster cats to Adoption Day, and if the couple like Pretty, maybe I will come home with just two!

That was the best news I have had all day.

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